Flying discs and Frisbees

Right now we have a fantastic offer in combination with "the original" Frisbee to provide low-cost Ultimate Frisbees for schools across the UK.  Please look here for more details.  These Frisbees are a great way to get started - and are also available in various high street retailers in the UK.

UK Ultimate are proud partners of Discraft.  The Discraft Ultrastar is the global standard competition disc for Ultimate.  As of Spring 2012 Discraft will be sponsoring all UKU competitions enabling us to provide our Tournament Directors with great value game discs or team gifts.  Thanks Discraft! 

It is possible to order customised discs direct from Discraft, subject to minimum order limits.

Catch-the-Spirit provide Disc Sports activity sessions for all ages and abilities in schools and community events; and are particularly experienced in the area of introducing disc sports at primary school ages.  They stock a wide variety of other discs - including smaller and soft-edged discs.

From made-to-order uniforms for ultimate frisbee to off-the-shelf performance clothing from our online shop, Lookfly offer ethically sourced, environmentally sound, good conscience clothing that is second to none.  Lookfly sell a number of discs that carry a donation to a good cause - and UK Ultimate's coaching scheme is one of their good causes.  Thanks Lookfly!