Coach Registration

The UKU Coach Registration Scheme is part of the wider UKU Coaching Scheme offering benefits such as public liability insurance. It is particularly important to become a Registered Coach if you plan to work regularly in schools or with children / young people under the age of 18. You may also want to become a Registered Coach if you intend to work with adults.

With a UKU Level 1 or Level 2 coaching qualification it is possible to work in schools as an Activator without becoming a registered coach, this should be discussed with the school in question.


The Coach Registration Scheme has an annual registration fee of £40.

The scheme is renewed each year along with membership, and expires on September 30th. 

UK Ultimate Coach Registration includes the following benefits:

  • Formal recognition of status as UKU Registered Coach
  • Option to publish contact details on UKU website's coaching pages
  • Option to join the coaching map
  • If interested, it enables UKU to direct third parties (e.g. schools or sports development officers) to appropriate and interested coaches, on a local and regional level
  • Includes £5M public liability insurance cover
  • Resources:
    • Blank risk assessments
    • Insurance policy document
    • Incident / Injury Recording documents

Please consider the checklist below of things you will need