Introducing Ultimate

In some cases we are able to connect groups who are just interested in an informal introduction to volunteer players. This is only successful in areas where we have a connection with a current or former player who can volunteer. It's often challenging, but possible, if groups are looking to do this during the working day. 

Please contact us directly to discuss the possibility of connecting you. 

It will be helpful to know the following information:

1. Details

a. location you need to volunteer

b. when do you need them

2. Remuneration
a. are you able to pay for this persons time?

b. if not, are you able to contribute towards their travel expenses?

c. or, is there absoultely no budget available?

here is a list of FAQ's we are asked about these informal volunteer connections

Q. Is the person a coach?
A. It is likely this person is not a coach, but we do have coaches around the country with foundation, level 1 and level 2 qualifications

Q. Will this person have experience coaching/leading?
A. This depends. In some areas we might be able to connect you with a volunteer who has experience working in a school, for example. But this person is likely just an enthusiastic player who is able to volunteer some time.

Q. Will this person have a DBS check?
A. We don't require volunteers to have a DBS check if they are involved in an activity that is not reoccuring or intensive. A one off visit to a school does not fulfil the requirements of someone having a DBS check.