Level 2

The Level 2 is the next step in the coaching scheme following on from the Level 1. The intention is that this is the level of award that will be appropriate for coaches with aspirations beyond simply organising training sessions for their local team.

To obtain the Level 2, a prospective coach will collect a total of 32 credits. There are mandatory parts worth a total of 20 credits. The remaining 12 credits can be collected from a number of options.

Mandatory Modules:

Course Name Provider Credits
L2 Core Module UK Ultimate 6
Mentoring UK Ultimate 8
First Aid Various 6

There are in total 20 credits to collect from the mandatory section. Two of these parts
UKU L2 Core Module and UKU Mentoring are provided by UK Ultimate. The third section is a First Aid qualification which can be attained from various external organisations. More information about which courses we accept can be found by - clicking here.

UKU L2 Core Module

Workshop Length: 1 day.

Participants: Level One Coaches, Adults 18+

Content: Focusing on the developing coaching skills of a Level 2 Ultimate coach. The role of a Level 2 coach for Spirit of the Game, Self Officiating and Rules Knowledge. Developing Drills for Ultimate. Planning Practices. Also some ultimate-specific content on Horizontal Stack and Zone Defence. 

Attending: Visit the coaching calendar and search for coaching courses to find one near you.

UKU Mentoring

Mentor Length: 8 hours of sessions and up to 2 hours of direct mentoring

Participants: Following attending the L2 Core Module you will be connected with your mentor.

Content: The purpose is to further develop your skills following the L2 Core Module. The prospective Level 2 coach will plan, deliver and review 8 seperate sessions. After arranging a mentor session, the prospective coach will be assessed on the submitted coaching plan-review sheets.

Attending: Mentoring may take place in person or via a video call.

Price: Core Module + Mentoring = £175


First Aid

Workshop Length: 6 hours (1 day)

Participants: Most providers welcome young people from the age of 12 onto all first aid courses. If under the age of 16, they must attend with a responsible adult member of the family or guardian (two young people per adult). Currently all UK Ultimate level 2 coaches need to be 18+

Content: These courses will give you all the necessary first aid skills to deal with a whole range of sporting injuries and emergency first aid.

Attending: Various agencies and organsiations deliver fist aid courses that can be used for the 6 credits needed. The most common are St. John Ambulance and British Red Cross. If you are unsure that your course is recognised by UK Ultimate, please contact us by email: admin@ukultimate.com

Cost: Each provider will price their courses. Funding can often be attained to help meet some or all of the cost involved. For more information about finding funding please contact us by email: admin@ukultimate.com

Price: Price may vary


Optional modules:

There are in total 12 credits to collect from the optional section. We have listed below a few examples of courses that are worth 3 or 6 credits. UK Ultimate is able to recognise other courses, not on this list, for credits too. To discuss something you already have, or would like to attend, please contact us by email: admin@ukultimate.com

Course Name Provider Credits
Skills Clinics UK Ultimate 3
S&C for Ultimate UK Ultimate 6
Safeguarding Children & Young People sportscoachUK  3
NSPCC Keeping Children Safe In Sport NSPCC / EduCare 3
Other sportscoachUK short courses sportscoachUK 3
Some other formal coach education courses*  Various   3-6
Courses we are developing

Ultimate for Children & Young People UK Ultimate 6
Coaching Women in Ultimate UK Ultimate 6

*If you have other formal coach education and would like to see if it can count towards the optional credits, please contact us by email: admin@ukultimate.com