UK Ultimate - Club Affiliation

UK Ultimate Club Affiliation is now available (online application form)

  1. It allows UK Ultimate to have a formal and clear relationship with clubs (as organisations rather than whichever team member happens to email to enter an event).  We need this to improve procedures around entering events, managing rosters, etc, but perhaps most of all in presenting information about clubs to the general public.
  2. It provides us with a framework that clubs and UKU can use together to support clubs that would like to offer Ultimate to young people and/or vulnerable adults; and supporting clubs in adopting structures and governance that will better enable them to apply for funding and grants.
  3. It allows us to extend the UKU's liability insurance to club committees at a really low cost to the clubs.

The club affiliation will initially run with a fixed renewal date on the calendar year - i.e. 1st Jan - 31st Dec (different to individual membership - explanation below). 

The cost is £35.00, and cannot be purchased directly through the website yet.

Affiliated clubs are identified as such on their team-page on this website.

We do not necessarily expect all clubs to do this straight away - although of course we believe it to be of value and hope clubs will adopt it quickly.  Over a period of a few years we will gradually increase the number of clubs that are required to have affiliation.  For the time being the plan is quite limited:

2013: UKU REQUIRES the following clubs to become UKU-affiliated in order to be eligible to enter UKU competitions

  • Clubs with members that are under-18 years old
  • Clubs that will (or hope to) play in international representative events (i.e. xEUCF)

2014: All clubs entering A-Tour and/or qualifying for Nationals - and will review and publish the timetable for extending to other clubs.


Additional Comments

1. There are some requirements in terms of adopting a constitution, putting Risk Assessments in place for training sessions, reporting certain incidents / injuries.

2. We do NOT want "one-off" TEAMS to become affiliated clubs.  With this in mind it will be some time before we link affiliation with eligibility at indoor competitions.  It seems unlikely that we would ever expect teams at the Alumni Cup to be part of a club affiliation programme.

3. Club Affiliation is not applicable to Schools teams (we have specific School Affiliation), nor to University clubs.

4. It is a requirement (of the insurance) that ALL CLUB MEMBERS must be members of UK Ultimate.

(a) Only Basic membership is required to fulfil this condition.

(b) This is why the club affiliation renewal is offset from the individual membership renewal.  It gives the club a chance to remind and chase their members to renew their individual membership prior to renewing the club affiliation.

(c) New players are allowed three "taster sessions" during which they are considered to be insured before they have to make a commitment to joining UK Ultimate. 

5. The Club Affiliation renewal date is offset from the individual membership renewal date in order to allow the club secretary/treasurer time to remind club members to renew for the upcoming year prior to the club affiliation renewal which cannot be done until all club members have current UKU membership.

Please click here to be taken to the club affiliation application form.




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