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UXON Important announcement

All teams to read and complete survey included below

Heavy rain in Leicester combined with the University's ongoing varsity fixtures has put significant stress on the pitches at Stoughton Road (UXON venue). The results of this is that we have lost HALF of the pitches we had booked for UXON this weekend, there is a small possibility that we may get 1 or 2 of them back on Sunday but at the moment we are working off the assumption that we only have half the available pitch time we originally booked. Please read the whole announcement.

UKU Mixed Tour 2 2017 - entries now open

Entry is now open for UKU Mixed Tour 2 in Durham (DH1 3SE) on 22-23 April.  Please use the usual entry form.

Closing date is Tues 4 April.

Please check the event page for details and ongoing updates.


Happy International Women’s Day!

Here at the UKU Women’s Committee we’ve been working hard to create and promote ways to get more women playing. Today we are launching a project designed to do just this, introducing...

The UKU Women's Find A Team initiative!

This is a new initiative by the UKU to match players to women's teams, or to match players with each other to form new club teams. The aim is to promote the development of Women’s Ultimate in the UK and raise awareness of playing opportunities available across the country.

UKU hiring Events Coordinator

UK Ultimate is creating a full-time position to further support the planning and organisation of UKU events.  The position will report to the CEO (Si Hill), working alongside our first Events Coordinator (Benji Heywood).

During the last 3-4 years, we centralised the running of most UKU events.  We set out to achieve the following goals:

  1. Increased control over the quality and cost of service that is offered to ultimate players attending UKU-owned events.
  2. Event-profits are re-invested in the development of the sport.  
  3. Simplify the task of being the “local organiser” for UKU events, and therefore hopefully encourage more individuals and in particular clubs to get involved at that level.
  4. Other UKU staff will also be able to take the role of local organiser without significant impact on their other activities and objectives.

This initiative has been largely successful to the point where we find ourselves needing to increase the team to keep up with the workload and build on additional opportunities that we see.  In addition to improving the delivery of the existing events calendar, we aim to provide more support to local events/competitions and introduce additional competitions and divisions, e.g. supporting school competitions, adding new masters division events.

Please see more details here including the application process.

UKU Tour Structure Changes 2017 (Open division)

We would like to provide an update on plans for UKU Tour 2017 in the Open division.  It has been clear for some years that the structure is not scalable as the number of Open and Women’s teams continues to grow.  We have been planning for some time that we would start to make changes in 2017, although we would obviously prefer to have resolved all of the issues earlier than this.

In 2017 we are only making changes to the Open division, but we recognise there is a body of opinion in the community that is asking for a broader review of the Tour structure and timing.  We will have an ongoing consultation process about the competition structure and calendar over the next few months.

UKU Competition Committee vacancies

The role of the UKU Competitions Committee is to manage the structure and rules for all UKU competitions.  We have several vacancies in the committee at the moment - but in particular Lauren Bryant, who represents the Women's division is stepping down.  We woud like to thank Lauren for all the time, energy and expertise she has given to the role for the last few years.  

If you would like to join the committee in any of the vacant positions (Women's, Junior and Beach) please use the website to contact us or email outlining the role you would like to stand for, and some information about your background and interest in the position.  

Masters Nationals and related information

Masters players please read this; sections C and E require immediate action. Also please forward this to team-mates and other masters players!

*** A. Survey Results. Masters Nationals is happening! ***

ULTIMATE GIRLS - development sessions throughout the UK

Details of more development session for junior girls aged 13-19.

To sign up to any of these sessions and for further details please complete the appropriate online form in the links below.