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UKU Member Update - 2 Dec 2009

In this update:

1. It’s been a while…

2. University Open Indoor Champions

3. Rules News

4. WFDF Spirit of the Game

5. Upcoming UKU Events

6. Rostering & Membership  -  reminder

7. Ultimatum! - check your online details

8. WUCC 2010 (Prague) - team slots announced

Notice of Election 2009

The UKU Election 2009 is now closed and results will be announced shortly.

* Candidate manifestos

Reminders - December 2008

Three reminders for you!

1.  World Games and GB Ultimate 2009

The deadline for putting yourself forward for selection for the World Games mixed squad (players and manager) is Sunday 7th December.  For more info check out:

UKU Member Update - Nov 2008

In this update:

1. Its been a long time...

2. World Games 2009

3. Recognition of ultimate as a sporting activity

4. Events Calendar - Tour dates 2009

5. UKU Elections 2009

6. Indoor Tournaments

7. Ultimatum! - check your online details

8. Conference - Jan 10th 2009


1. Its been a long time...

Special Member Update - UK Ultimate Ltd

Dear UKU Member

This email is to confirm that as of Saturday 28th June the following four resolutions were duly passed:


1. That notwithstanding anything contained in the constitution of the Association, the resolutions contained in this email notice will be validly passed by a simple majority or a two thirds majority (as the case may be) of the Full Members who are entitled to vote and do vote.

2. That the memorandum and articles of association attached herewith (UKUA1) be approved and adopted as the new memorandum and articles of the Association.

3. The approval of the Association to enter the Transfer Document, a copy of which is attached herewith (UKUA2).

4. The approval that any two members of the board may execute the Transfer Document.



The Association has been transferred into a Company Limited by Guarantee. Your membership status remains unaltered. Following a special resolution of the company, the Articles have been amended in order to reflect the constitution of the Association.

Special Member Update - Incorporation of UKU

To all UKUA members:

Hopefully you are already aware of the current process to change the legal structure of the UKUA into a company limited by guarantee. If not - please look here for more details.

Thanks to the many people that have already responded.

The purpose of sending this member update is

UKUA Member Update - March 2008

In this update:

1. Ultimatum Editor required

2. Advice for clubs with Junior members

3. Indoor Nationals

4. Mixed Indoor Nationals

5. Junior Indoor Nationals

6. University Mixed Indoor Nationals

7. Tour 0 - Open Tour 2008

8. Elections and UKUA Structure

9. Membership 2008

UKUA Member Update - Jan 2008

In this update:

1. GB Women: Beach World Champions!

2. Ro-Sham-Bo make it 3-in-a-row

3. Membership 2008

4. Board Elections

5. Tournament Dates 2008

6. E-CRB Checks through UKUA

7. Level 1 Coaching Courses

8. Ultimatum! 2007

9. Conference Cancelled