UKU Indoor Rules Update

Recently the UKU Rules of Indoor Ultimate have been updated to reflect the WFDF Rules of Ultimate 2017 rather than the previous version from 2013. As the indoor season 2017-18 will soon be in full swing, please familiarise yourselves with new indoor rules update.

As a reminder, in the UK we use specifically adapted indoor ultimate rules for this fast and furious variation of the sport and there are no major "indoor-specific" changes; these rules are based on the WFDF Rules of Ultimate. 

The new document can be found here: UKU Rules of Indoor Ultimate 2017.

Please ensure that you read through the updated document and don't forget to let your team/club know of any changes!


An up-to-date calendar of our indoor events can also be found here and specific event information can be found on the individual event pages.


If you have any queries regarding any of our events then please contact us at