UKU Junior Outdoor Nationals & Schools Championship - Results


Thanks to everyone involved for a fantastic UK Ultimate Schools Championships last weekend in Birmingham.

The final results saw quite spectacular dominance from AirBadgers (St Peter's, Exeter) but there was great play throughout all divisions and as ever it was great to see new schools come along for the first time. The rain stayed off, and everyone had a great time - including those of us running the tournament! Thanks to all involved for a great atmosphere (and for not leaving too much litter - thank you!)

In the U20 Division. AirBadgers saw off Ocelots (Bishop Heber High School) to retain their Junior Outdoors title.

In the Year 11 & Under division, AirBadgers 1 took the final against Flux 1 (Twycross House School), with AirBadgers 2nd and 3rd teams rounding out the top 4!

In the Year 8 & Under division, AirBadgers 1 beat AirBadgers 3, with Flux and Ocelots the other teams to make semis.


Ultimate relies on the Spirit of the Game, in order to play competitively without external referees. For this reason, it is a great honour to be voted as the 'most spirited' team by your opponents in recognition of your fair play and attitude.

This year, the recipients of the awards were Evolution (Aylesford School & 6th Form College) in the U20s; Evolution again in the Y11 & Under; and AirBadgers 7 in the Y8 & Under division


Full game results for all teams can be seen on the online schedule:


Thanks - and we'll see you next time!


U20/U17/U14 Women's Indoor Nationals 2017-18 - Aldersley Leisure Village, Sunday 12th November 2017

U17/U14 Open Indoor Nationals 2017-18 - Aldersley Leisure Village, Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 January 2018

U20 Open Indoor Nationals 2017-18 - Aldersley Leisure Village, Saturday 3 & Sunday 4 March 2018

Juniors and Schools Outdoors - Summer 2018, date and venue TBD