UKU Masters Nationals - Entry Open

Firstly, we would like to apologise for the delay in getting out the information for Masters Nationals. We have found it difficult to find a venue and we delayed opening up team entry as we aimed to have a confirmed the venue before doing so. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been possible and we are still searching for a suitable place for the tournament, but we thought it was important to send out the entry form so teams can put it in their calendar and ensure they have a team together. 


The tournament is going to be held on Saturday 9th September and should be in the midlands area. We currently have two venues that we are waiting to hear back from so we hope to have the confirmed details for you soon. 


It will just be a one day event in only the Open and Mixed divisions. The team fee will be £130. 

If you wish to qualify for the WFDF World Club Championships in 2018, in either of these divisions, please ensure that you enter a team.


The deadline for entry is Monday 21st August, however, the deadline for payment is not until Monday 28th August as we want to be able to provide you with venue information before you are required to pay the fee. We also understand that the deadline for entry is very soon and we do not want to put pressure on you to find the money at such short notice. 


However, please note that by entering your team through the entry form you are agreeing to make payment by the 28th August and are bound to do so if the event goes ahead. As you may know, due to the small number of masters teams, it is important that all teams are committed to entering as any teams that drop out at the last minute could cause a huge change to the tournament format. In some instances this might also result in the tournament being cancelled. Therefore, to reduce the chances of this happening, any teams that pull out following Monday 28th August will still be liable to pay the full team fee so please make sure that you can commit a team before submitting the form. 


If you have major concerns about whether you will be able to put together a team and as such are apprehensive about completing the form, but are still interested in attending, please contact us at so that we are aware of your situation. 


The UKU Event Entry Form can be found here.