UKU Nationals 2017 - Schedule and Info Pack

We are pleased to confirm the schedule and the Info Pack for UKU Nationals 2017.

As ever, the info pack contains a great deal of information about important things, like where to park and where you can or can't spectate from - do make sure to familiarise yourslef with everything you need to know.

There have been no changes since yesterday's draft schedule, and there shouldn't be any major surprises as it follows the previously announced formats:


Pitches 1 & 3 will be streamed live by Fanseat and the UKU Media Team. You can watch the games on their website.

With a fantastic 9 Mixed, 9 Women's, and 9 Open division games, the majority of teams will be filmed at some point - if you're one of the unlucky Open teams not getting a pool game streamed then you'd better make the top 6 to get on camera!


Please note that the End of Year Celebration Dinner has been cancelled due to lack of ticket sales. We came close to our minimum number of sales, but didn't quite get there. We've emailed all the individuals that booked already and will be organising refunds today. Sorry it didn't work out this time!


Schedule link:

Info Pack is here as a pdf, or online (with inevitably messed up formatting depending on your screen size) on this link:

Info Pack - UKU Nationals 2017.pdf1.08 MB