UKU Nationals - DRAFT Schedule

We are pleased to release the DRAFT schedule for Nationals. There shouldn't be any major surprises as it follows the previously announced formats:

We have reassessed the format in the Open division in light of the change to only 4 EUCF bids, but have concluded that this remains the best format for ranking the teams for both Worlds and EUCF, not least as there remains a possibility that the number of bids may yet change depending on take up from other regions. Although there is no specific 4v5 Game-to-Go at the end, we are confident that this schedule will correctly rank teams - even more so given the excellent seeding we have from the smaller number of regionals this year.

As ever, please do look through it and help to spot any errors - we will aim to confirm the schedule tomorrow (along with the Info Pack). For now, please do NOT base your weekend plans on the details of this DRAFT schedule as they may change.

Schedule link: