UKU Nationals - Important Information

Physio Treatment & Pre-Existing Injuries 

Please remember that physios at our touraments are only there to deal with any injuries incurred during the tournament - they are not there to help with pre-existing injuries or to tape something up for you that you already know needs doing! It is not a free physio service for all who feel like they need a massage so please don't take advantage of a service that is there for those who need it. 

Games on the Live Stream

For all teams that will feature on the Live Stream over the weekend on Pitches 1 & 3, please be aware of the following:

Over the weekend we will be providing a designated bag drop area for teams playing on these pitches to keep their belongings during the game so that they are neat and not strewn all over the sideline. If you leave your bag near the side of the pitch then you will be asked to move it. If you cannot locate where the bag drop is then please ask one of our volunteers.

There will also be a marked 3m line around the two show pitches which will be enforced. Nobody should be inside this line during a point (obviously except the current 14 players!).  No equipment, belongings or water bottles should be left within 3m of the pitch. This is a general safety requirement on all pitches of course, but we are adding some additional visual reminders (and staff) on the two live-stream pitches to improve the sight-lines for the cameras. Please ensure that you keep clear of this area - you don't want to be the one getting your head in the way of your team mates' highlight reel quality catch! 

These rules are in place for the benefit of both players and spectators so we kindly ask that you are considerate of them and do not make our volunteers' and staff's lives difficult.



Also, please respect our team of volunteers who will be helping us run the tournament over the weekend. They are there using their own time to make yours and others' experience enjoyable so please make sure that you listen to what they ask of you. If any teams are found to be disrespectful or rude then please be aware that severe consequences will be enforced. 


And lastly, if you haven't seen it yet, the link to the schedule and info pack can be found here on our event page: 


We look forward to seeing you all there!