UKU Regionals 2017 - Entry Now Open!

We can now confirm that Regionals, being held on the weekend of 29th-30th July, will be held at Salford Sports Village for the North, and at Edenbridge RFC for the South, and entry for these tournaments is now open. These are the same venues that are being used for both B-Tour North and B-Tour South.

Teams need to enter using the
UKU Entry Form and the deadline for both team entry and payment is Wednesday 5th July

The Open Division is confirmed to be a 2-day event at both locations. However, both the Mixed and Women’s Divisions
may run as a 1-day event dependent on the number of teams that enter. This will be confirmed once the deadline for team entry has passed, but please ensure that your team is available for both of those days as we cannot guarantee the details at this stage.

The team fee is £205. (If any of the events only requires one day, then we will look to refund a part of this fee to those teams affected.)

The details for each of these competitions can be found on the relevant pages (North and South), including the information pack and schedule when they are published. 

At each of these venues, there will be a competition for all 3 divisions (Women’s, Open and Mixed) and these “super-regions” of North and South will be made up of the following “sub-regions”:

NORTH will be made up of Scotland (Sc), Northern Ireland (NI), North-East (NE), North-West (NW), Yorkshire & Humberside (Y&H), West-Midlands (WM), East-Midlands (EM) and East-England (EE). 

In terms of the Open division regions used last year this effectively combines Scotland, North and Midlands.

SOUTH will be made up of South-West (SW), Wales (Wa), South-East (SE), Greater London (GL). 

In terms of the Open division regions used last year this effectively combines South-West & Wales, South-East, and London.

Open teams who have previously played regionals must stay in the same region as they played last year, which in turn determines their super-region.

For the Mixed and Women's Divisions, or for brand new Open teams, your region will be determined as follows:

1. Your training location

2. If you don't train, or train in multiple locations, then the place where most of your team lives

3. If you are genuinely spread across the country, you will need to talk to UKU about which region you should be in. Note that whichever region you end up in will be permanent for future years!


For more information on the 12 “sub-regions” that we use to divide up the UK, please see Section 6 of the UK Ultimate Club Outdoor Tour and EUCS Competition Rules (2017).

Also, just to re-iterate the information that was provided in the Regionals Update, the bid allocation for UK Nationals is as outlined in the table below: 






















Please ensure that your team enters into the correct region for all 3 divisions and if you’re unsure or you have any questions then please email us at