UKU Tour 3 - Schedules, Info Packs and Safety Reminders

We are pleased now to confirm the schedules for the UKU Tour finale this weekend.


There have been SIGNIFICANT changes to the Birmingham schedule - we lost one of the Clapham teams at lunchtime today, unfortunately. Apparently no-one is immune from dropping out! The Edenbridge schedule has not changed from the draft version.


We have had to make some slightly messy choices in order to minimise disruption from this dropout. With the 3rd overall seed dropping, it could change the schedule for everyone below 3rd as every single team moves up a place, but this is obviously not ideal (since even though we did warn you not to book transport etc, some of you probably made tentative plans). Instead, we have bumped the three teams in Clapham 1's pool up, and brought Flump (top of B tour) into the bottom of that pool. Similarly, the teams in Flump's previous B-tour pool have been bumped up, with Fluid brought in from C tour to fill the gap. Finally, Pool J (which lost Fluid) has been rewritten as a pool of 4 instead of 5. We believe that this minimises any major changes in people's start times for Saturday, and looking at the teams involved (and their results at T2) the changes in seeding for those bumped up is less than it might appear from the raw seed numbers.


Apologies for the delays - hopefully you can understand the difficulties of this, and also understand how bad it would be for teams in 17th and 29th if we just had byes above them when they were so desperate to be in a higher division! We think it was worth the effort to rewrite, but we do also understand how frustrating it is for everyone else to not have the schedule confirmed early. There are no good answers to this problem that we have yet found.


Birmingham Info:

Birmingham Schedule:

Edenbridge Info:

Edenbridge Schedule:

PDFs will be available soon from the event page, for printing.


Don't forget about the Fanseat streaming (Pitches 11 & 12 in the Birmingham schedule) - have a look if you're being streamed and make sure to tell your parents and friends!


Safety Reminders


Playing area:

We recommend that players do a visual check of the playing area and remain vigilant for potential hazards on and close to the pitch.  Venue grounds-staff, tournament organisers, and many players do this already but following a serious incident at Tour 2 in Cardiff(*) we thought it was worth reminding all competitors to think about this.    

If you find something dangerous on the fields please stop to resolve or report the issue.  


The Edenbridge pitches are open to, and used by, the general public.  We checked the fields earlier this week and they were looking good.  But in the meantime it is possible that an animal may dig a hole, or that an individual might drop litter that could cause an injury if a player dived on to it.  If you find serious problems please report them.


(*) Without going into the details, it is perhaps unlikely that anyone would have spotted the specific issue at Cardiff, but the more people are actively thinking about this question before the game starts, the more likely it is that we could avoid a similar incident in the future. 



Please do not sit (on the ground or on chairs) within 3m of the pitch.  Items such as fold-up chairs, prams or bikes should be 5m from the pitch.  If there isn’t enough space between pitches then those items should be put somewhere else - and spectators on fold-up chairs should watch from the end.


Take off your watch (or fitbit)!

We urge players to adhere to the following rule outlined in the Official WFDF Rules of Ultimate 2017:

3.4. No player may wear items of clothing or equipment that reasonably could harm the wearer or other players, or impede an opponent's ability to play. 

Interpretation | 3.4.

This includes wristwatches, bracelets, buckles and protruding jewellery.  Fully metallic studs, long studs and studs with sharp edges are not allowed on footwear.