Week 10, 2017

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This week's news stories

06 Mar 2017

UK Ultimate is creating a full-time position to further support the planning and organisation of UKU events.  The position will report to the CEO (Si Hill), working alongside...

08 Mar 2017

Happy International Women’s Day!
Here at the UKU Women’s Committee we’ve been working hard to create and promote ways to get more women playing. Today we are launching a project...
Please take a look at the schedule and info packs for this weekend. They are now confirmed (or as confirmed as these things ever can be)
Schedules can be found here:

This week's newsletters

05 Mar 2017

We have some space at the EAST 1-day Open Uni warm-up tournament on Saturday 11th March – more info here:

08 Mar 2017

To all GB players

Upcoming events

18 Mar 2017 - 19 Mar 2017
18 Mar 2017 - 19 Mar 2017
18 Mar 2017 - 19 Mar 2017
25 Mar 2017 - 26 Mar 2017
01 Apr 2017 - 02 Apr 2017