Week 19, 2017

This is the UKU weekly digest e-newsletter providing a round-up of all new content going onto www.ukultimate.com each week.  We will continue to post news, events, requests for help, etc on our facebook page and uni facebook groups, twitter and email groups that are appropriate for the information (e.g. Britdisc) – but we will be using the website as the “official channel" for broadcasting information. If you would prefer to not receive the newsletter, it is easy to UNSUBSCRIBE by clicking the link at the bottom of this email.

This week's news stories

11 May 2017

Due to an error in seeding, and email mistakes that meant we missed the prompt complaint about it, we've been forced into a slight change even after the confirmation of the...

This week's newsletters

09 May 2017

We are pleased to release a DRAFT schedule for the weekend - mainly with the intention that you all check it and tell us where we have made errors!
As ever, this draft schedule is...

10 May 2017

With thanks for your patience, we can now confirm the schedule for the weekend.
There have been some slight changes since yesterday's draft, mainly related to the show game slot....

11 May 2017

Please be aware that this Sunday, 14th May, is the initial deadline for entries to UKU OWT1 2017. This is both an entry AND payment deadline.
At time of writing, we have entry...
There has been a slight change to the schedule, only affecting the games of Reading 2 and PAF City. (And of course their opponents, who will play someone different but whose game...

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13 May 2017 - 14 May 2017
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27 May 2017
27 May 2017 - 28 May 2017