Week 38, 2017

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This week's news stories

18 Sep 2017

The EUF Board is has announced that the EUCF2018 will take place from Sept. 28th to 30th in Wroclaw (PL).

22 Sep 2017

UKU has received official news regarding the number of UK bids for each division at WUCC 2018. The qualifying teams for each division are outlined below.



It is with mixed feelings that I would like to announce (a little late) that Benji recently left his role with UK Ultimate to become full-time Director of Ultimate at St Andrews...

This week's newsletters

19 Sep 2017

Entry is now open for UXIR 2017 (for each of the 7 locations) and team entries can now be submitted through the UKU Event Entry form!More information regarding the ...

New events added this week

14 Oct 2017 - 15 Oct 2017
03 Feb 2018 - 04 Feb 2018

See www.ninety2ultimate.com/mix-mingle

Upcoming events

23 Sep 2017 - 24 Sep 2017
30 Sep 2017 - 01 Oct 2017
07 Oct 2017 - 08 Oct 2017
14 Oct 2017 - 15 Oct 2017
14 Oct 2017 - 15 Oct 2017
14 Oct 2017 - 15 Oct 2017
14 Oct 2017 - 15 Oct 2017