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Purchase Basic Membership until Sept 30th.  

All UKU memberships expire annually on 30th September for renewal from 1st October.

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  • Civil liability insurance for playing ultimate (more details)
  • Basic membership is required in order to play at:
    • All UKU Junior and U17 events
    • GB Junior and U17 trials
    • University Regional championships (all divisions)
    • Open Outdoor Regional Championships
    • Open Indoor Regional Qualifiers
    • Regional (specifically London and Manchester) Summer and Winter Leagues
  • Option to obtain temporary eligibilty to play at major UKU events (£8 per event)




Terms and Condition of Membership

Data Protection 

Participant Waiver




People regularly suggest to us that they would happily pay more for membership to allow us to do more as an organisation. Rather than increase the price of membership for everyone we’ve decided to introduce a donation function to allow people to donate towards UKU and indicate a preference of projects or causes they are interested in supporting. 

Potentially donations could make a significant impact on UKU, if each full member donated £5 we could completely pay for the the medical provision of our GB teams this year or allow us to put 2500 discs into over 500 schools.


Find out more about what we'd do with your donation



Price: £5.00

The terms and conditions of membership can be found using the link above

The Data Protection Clause can be found using the link above

The Participant Waiver can be found using the link above

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