Schools Affiliation Form

This form is for the designated represetitive of a school or college to complete as part of the UKU Schools Affiliation Scheme. For more information on the scheme please visit the UKU Schools Ultimate page

Designated Contact

Please fill in the information of the "Ultimate" contact for your school or college.

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what is this persons role within the school, college, SGOA or SSP.

this persons contact number at the school or college.

this persons secondary contact phone number. Ideally their mobile.

School & College Details

please provide all the information for contacting and locating the school or college you are representing.

which SGOA or "School Sports Partnership" does your school belong too?

Additional Information

Please help us gather some basic data about the size and reach of schools ultimate by completing these simple questions

Please indicate the age-range of players at the school

Please indicate an approximate number of students that try out Ultimate in lessons each year

Please give an indication of the number of students that play ultimate in an extra-curricular club.

Are you interested in playing in local fixtures and tournaments?

If playing fixtures, what types of teams would you have?

UKU Website

Please pick the name of your school you are apply for. If the team is not shown above:
1. Ensure you are an admin for that team.
2. Ensure the team is set up with a Type of "School".

Please write your school name or schools team name. This can be changed at a later date. The name of the team doesn't need to reflect the school. e.g. "Ocelots" is Bishop Heber High School.

How should membership requests be handled in this team? When you select closed, users will not be able to register nor quit.

Link to your team's website, or mailing group etc.

Link to your team's Facebook Group

Your team's Twitter username

UKU Schools Update and Newsletter

UK Ultimate produces a newsletter for schools affiliated with us. We use the newsletter to inform teachers and players about upcoming school tournaments, Great Britain Junior trials, new school teams in your area, coaching and teaching resources.

Terms & Conditions

Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully.

• School Affiliation runs for the academic year and is to be updated annually
• By applying for UKU School Affiliation you are confirming that students and staff from the school have civil liability insurance cover in place under the School or Local Education Authority schemes when competing in UK Ultimate competitions
• Teams from Affiliated Schools are eligible to enter all UKU-sanctioned events
• Students from Affiliated Schools are not required to obtain individual UKU membership provided they only compete in UKU events on behalf of their Affiliated School
• Students from Affiliated Schools are required to have individual UKU membership when competing at UKU events for other ultimate clubs, and/or if attending Great Britain trials/training/competitions.

By ticking the box and submitting the form you confirm that you agree to the Terms & Conditions, and are able to do so on behalf of the school