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Britdisc mailing list

Britdisc is the main mailing list for Ultimate in the UK. It is a hot-bed of debate and gossip, and also gives event organisers and participants a chance to exchange information on tournaments and teams.

Many thanks to Ralf for saving Britdisc and giving it a new home, life would be dull without it.

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UK Ultimate Forum

A new forum for UK ultimate related discussions has been set up here

Youth Ultimate mailing list

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Women's Ultimate mailing list

This is a mailing list for female ultimate players in the UK. It is to keep the female members of the UK ultimate community up to date with what's happening and provide somewhere for discussion on the future development of the women's side of the sport.

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There are also regional women's mailing lists as below:


University Ultimate mailing list

To subscribe to the University Ultimate Yahoo! Group use your Yahoo! login, or email
Once subscribed, messages to may be moderated, but will be sent to the whole group. The public archive is available at

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London Ultimate Leagues

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You can also join the londonleague mailing list at Yahoo Groups.
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North England mailing list

Used to put out notices for general announcements, practises, regional tournies, NORTHERN WINTER LEAGUE business etc... if interested please subscribe using the link below.



Northern Winter League:

Midlands Mailing List

Information on Midlands Winter and Summer leagues


Midlands uni ultimate

Western mailing list


South East mailing list


se uni ultimate


International Links a new forum website to promote international ultimate discussions