Strategic Survey Response Summary

In late 2016 we published a relatively short survey for members to provide some initial input into the process of reviewing UKU’s long-term plans.  Firstly, we would like to say a big thanks to the 450 people that participated.  Please find the responses summarised in the report attached.  We have not included the individual comments, but they have all been read and reviewed.

UKU has responsibility for all of the areas that were identified in the survey (and more).  The goal was to try to gauge the community’s view of where we should be prioritising effort and investment.  There also seems to be enthusiasm for further consultation through online surveys, webinars and perhaps some in-person meetings.  Thanks in advance - we will be taking you up on that and if you haven’t seen it please note we have a survey running about the timing of Mixed Tour versus that of Open/Women’s Tour.

At this point, we’re really just saying thanks, and sharing the summary of the responses via the attached PDF. Nonetheless, Local Development stands out as the priority, and the UKU board has been discussing options for investing in staff to support this work which we anticipate funding - at least initially - using the surplus from WUGC 2016.  

Coach Education was the next highest priority for the people that responded to the survey.  So far in 2017, we have delivered Coaching courses in Lincoln, Bangor, Reading, Nottingham, Burton and Newcastle; with courses in London and Glasgow to come in the next few weeks.  We’re planning workshops for the rest of the year right now, so if your club would benefit from a coaching workshop in your area please contact us.

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