UKU Uni Womens Indoors gains BUCS recognition

UK Ultimate is pleased to announce that University Women's Indoor Nationals will be a BUCS-sanctioned event from 2014 onwards.  This is primarily a result of the growth we have seen in this competition over recent years and so congratulations and thanks to all those people that have helped to set up, build and support the Uni Women's teams.  We are hopeful that this will help more University Women's Ultimate teams to benefit from support from their Universities - which tends to come in the form of access to training facilities and/or support for entry fees and travel costs at BUCS competitions.It should be noted that with inclusion in the BUCS programme there are some implications to both the Women's and Open divisions of Uni Indoor Nationals. 

Firstly, the eligibility rules for the Women's division will now follow the BUCS regulations which are stricter than the UKU applied in the past whilst the division was smaller.

Secondly, it means that (as happened in the Open division) we are no longer able to welcome the Irish teams as their Universities are not part of BUCS.

Thirdly, BUCS regulations require that the Open division will become a Men's division now that there is a Women's division.

We deliberately did not apply for Outdoor Uni Women's Nationals to join the BUCS programme.  Mainly this is because in our view the competition still benefits from eligibility rules that allow teams to field players that are not members of their University (e.g. allowing two small clubs to merge in order to have enough players).  We certainly do intend that we will monitor that situation closely each year and maintain a dialogue with BUCS about the numbers of institutions, teams and players in the outdoor competition.  For the avoidance of doubt - the Open division outdoors will not change to Men's at this time.