Upcoming Ultimate on Fanseat

Following their coverage of Tour 1 (check out highlights here) Fanseat are continuing to cover a wide range this summer, with a live streams of the WFDF 2017 World Championships of Beach Ultimate, in association with BULA.

Over 100 games will be streamed live on Fanseat - http://www.fanseat.com - from the 18th to the 24th of June. Live streaming will cover matches on pitch 1, 2 and 3 with an English commentary.  

The streams of field 2 and 3 will be available exclusively on Fanseat and can be accessed globally. The first match kicks off on the 18th of June.


You will find the detailed schedule online at www.fanseat.com/schedule.


How to watch :

Go onto www.fanseat.com and register to follow the matches, 7.99€/month, including first month free trial.


Good to know:

In addition to WCBU, Fanseat will be streaming live other major European Ultimate events this summer! For more info go to www.fanseat.com.

The next Ultimate Events covered by fanseat.com in Europe are:
  • WCBU (18-24 June)
  • UKU Open and Womens Tour 2 (1-2 July)
  • UKU Open and Womens Tour 3 (15-16 July)
  • Mermaid and Moe (29-30 July) 
  • EYUC (5-11 Aug)
  • EUMCC (12-15 Aug)
  • UKU Nationals (26-28 Aug)
  • EUCF2017 (29 Sept - 1 Oct)