UKU Mixed Tour 2 2014

Submitted by benheywood on Mon, 13/01/2014 - 4:54pm
Event date: 
12 Apr 2014 - 09:00 - 13 Apr 2014 - 18:00
Event details: 


Lost property

Black umbro blades uk size 8
Brown nike trainers
Black&yellow umbro blades UK size 6

Trousers and Leggings
Black Berghaus waterproofs, male size M,
Blue jogging bottoms, NEXT, size L, white stripes, "362" on front
Grey Slazenger bottoms, size L
Navy blue Underarmour
Black KUKRI "EAGLES" on leg, size 32 small
Black REGATTA waterproof ish. Women's size M
Black Underarmour leggings

Jerseys and Tops
Black Berghaus fleece with Duffa hat playing t-shirt inside
Waterproof, blue longsleeve, initials J.G., AIG and O'Neills all written on front
Light blue long sleeve "salt-rock". Has hoody-style front pocket but is not hoody
Navy blue long sleeve base layer, SMALL, brand Campri
Black long sleeve short-zip Trespass. Size SMALL
Blue t-shirt, Travelyan College, "Dancing Mike" and number 6 on back
Royal (?) blue long sleeve shell jacket brand "BROOKS", size L
Brown hoodie, "HERITAGE tradition No 82" on front
Bright red DRI-FIT long sleeve Nike Pro combat size Large
Black Long sleeve base layer (?) no markings
Peach (?) long sleeve "salt rock", green cartoon character on back
Brown t-shirt

Grey waterproof jacket, Trespass

Red ECBU nalgene
Grey woollen mittens
Grey cap NY
Grey woolly hat with red and white stripes

Buck #40 phateds - Lookfly design
Dom - Toms Tourney 2010
Teague - phat'eds design

There are other discs but they are not identifiable.  We re-use unclaimed discs by giving them to schools that want to start playing but don't have budget for new discs.





UKU Mixed Tour 2 returns to Grove Farm, Nottingham.





This is the same venue as used for OWT2 2011 -2013, and MT2 2012.  The venue doesn’t have its own postcode, but the NG7 2SA will get you onto the right entry road. We will have signs along Lenton Lane guiding you to the entrance to the site.


The closing date (and payment date) for this event will be 28 days in advance - Friday 14th March 2014. After this date, places will be awarded. Places may still be available later on a first-come first-served basis if the tournament is under-subscribed, but no team - no matter how strong - would be guaranteed entry.


The captain's pack for MT2 this weekend can be found here:

Please do note these links for the Spirit scoring form:

and for the schedule (which you should be able to view on your phones or other devices, or print in advance - we don't intend to print a copy for the teams, though of course there will be a large copy at the TD desk):

Please as ever let us know if you see any errors - it should all be fine, but you never know!

Please also make sure to follow @UKUltimateEvent on Twitter - this will be the main method of communicating any changes (e.g. pitches being out of action, changes to cap rules etc.)

If you don't have easy access to twitter (and no-one on your team does either?) then you'll have to pop by the TD desk regularly - we will of course display any changes there, but it's clearly not possible to communicate personally with all the players at these large tournaments.

PDF versions of these documents, and the pitch map, can be found at the bottom of this page.


The following teams have been selected to submit full details of their roster for MT2 - i.e. the names of the players that are competing for them at Mixed Tour 2.


Bristol Mixed

Brighton Breezy



Black Eagles


Brizzle Kicks


Bournemouth Heat

Glue Factory


Following some concerns raised after Indoor Nationals we have decided to take some extra steps to check that players at Mixed Tour have the appropriate membership status.  All UK-resident (*) players at the tournament must have full UKU membership - see this link for more details


There are two possible methods and it should be done by emailing as soon as possible but at the latest by end of Saturday 12th.

1. Send a list or spreadsheet with the full names and email address for each player by email to  If you are able to easily include the UKU username that is helpful, but not required. 


2. You may refer to the team roster list on the UKU website by confirming that the online list does include ALL players who will be at MT2, and identifying by name any non-member on the list that is NOT playing MT2.

If you realise that not all the players in the list are members please indicate that you have already reminded them so that they can fix the situation in time for the tournament.

Please be aware that your team may be approached this weekend so that a Competition Committee volunteer or UKU member of staff can compare the team list with those players on the field.

(*) UK resident for these purposes means someone that is living (i.e. has an address) in the UK.  It would include a student on a course for a term or semester for example.  Players that are just visiting for the weekend from another country do not necessarily need to join UKU but must have liability insurance - perhaps as a result of membership of their home federation.

Contact name: 
Benji Heywood
Contact email:

Accomodation and transport: 



There is no free on-site camping at this venue - but there are plenty of the usual hotels in the area. 

There is also a nearby campsite here:




Nottingham is roughly 2.5, 3 and 5 hours drive from London, Cardiff and Edinburgh, respectively, with 80% of the UK within 2 hours’ reach of the city. 
Nottingham is best accessed from the M1 for the majority of the country, or via the M5 & M42 for those travelling from the West. Whether taking the M1 for long distances, or joining it at the end of the M42 or M6, your best bet is to exit at Junction 24 (regardless of being Southbound or Northbound), onto the A453.

Follow this road along the River Trent for around 10 miles, before reaching the A52 (Clifton Boulevard), take this until a roundabout, taking the first exit onto Lenton Lane.

Stay on Lenton Lane right to the end, turning right into the venue, where staff will guide you to the parking area.

The Riverside Golf Centre is not part of the Tour venue.

For more detailed information regarding transport, particularly local transport options when in Nottingham, please see the guide attached to this page below.


Grove Farm Playing Fields
Lenton Lane
Nottingham NG7 2SA
United Kingdom
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