UKU University Mixed Indoor Regionals

Submitted by benheywood on Fri, 18/07/2014 - 8:22am
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15 Nov 2014 - 09:00 - 16 Nov 2014 - 18:00
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University Mixed Indoor Regionals will be held at 7 locations around the UK on this date. Entries can now be made via the UKU Event Entry form.


Scotland: Soccerworld, Dundee

NE&NW: Body & Mind, Liverpool

Yorks & East Mids: The Edge, Leeds

East & London: Hornchurch Sports centre, London.

West & Wales: Ellowes Hall Sports College, Dudley (This is now confirmed!)

SE: Sports Dome, Chichester

SW: MarJon Centre, Plymouth


Info packs now available:

Yorks & East
West & Wales
East & London
South West
South East    No online version - see pdf below


Please note - these are great for online (or on your phone), but they don't print that neatly. You'll find pdfs attached below.

Schedules are now available from the follwing links:


Yorks & East
West & Wales
East & London
South East
South West

And as pdfs below if you need to print them.

Enjoy your weekend!

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WWUXIRInfoPack.pdf268.19 KB
YEUXIRInfoPack.pdf243.5 KB
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ELUXIR 2014-15 Schedule (19 teams).pdf92.55 KB
ScUXIR 2014-15 Schedule.pdf99.15 KB
SEUXIR 2014-15 Schedule-2.pdf94.8 KB
SWUXIR 2014-15 Schedule.pdf89.08 KB
WWUXIR 2014-15 Schedule.pdf87.21 KB
YEUXIR 2014-15 Schedule-1.pdf88.43 KB
NUXIR 2014-15 Schedule - 15 teams-4.pdf106.24 KB