BUCS UKU University Women's Indoor Regionals

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22 Nov 2014 - 09:00 - 23 Nov 2014 - 18:00
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University Women's Indoor Regionals will be hosted at 4 venues across the UK on this date. Entry will be through BUCScore - some more details on http://goo.gl/l8yjvZ

To enter these events please contact your Athletic or Sport Union officer. They will enter your teams via BUCSscore. Make sure you know what region you are in and have your Team Captains' name, email address and phone number. They will do the rest.


Scotland: Aberdeen Sports Village (1 day, Saturday only)

North: The Edge, Leeds

East: UEA Sportspark

West: Cardiff


More details, inculding full venue addresses, can be found here: goo.gl/1m3PAF


Accommodation - for those who really need it only - will be organised by the host team. Keep an eye on the regional facebook groups for info and updates.


Info Packs are now available:


Scotland http://goo.gl/rGR7fT
North http://goo.gl/eAJvHN
West http://goo.gl/k4Yncf
East http://goo.gl/xSAiHx


These formats are good for online or on your phone; pdf copies can be found below for printing purposes.


Schedules will be ready soon - we have drafts, but there's no point releasing them until teams have stopped dropping out!



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