Club Open Indoor Regionals - Scotland

Submitted by benheywood on Fri, 18/07/2014 - 4:47pm
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6 Dec 2014 - 12:00 - 18:00
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Scottish Club Open Indoor Regionals will be held on this date in Glasgow. Please note that:

- Other events will be held in Fenton (Stoke on Trent), Plymouth and Crawley on the 17/18 January (more details to follow)

- 'Regions' are not strict in Club indoors; any team can attend any event, including the Scottish one if the dates suit better (and if they can get there!)

- BUT of course you can't attend more than one region, and you can't play for a different team at Nationals than you did in qualifiers. That should be obvious, but just in case...


The event is slated to run from 12-5pm on loads of pitches, getting the whole thing done nice and quickly. There is likely to be the option to book more hall time if needed, so there is probably no limit on teams (though we may have to limit it based on scheduling concerns - e.g. 16 is much better than 17; 32 much better than 33).

Women's teams are encouraged to enter, and assuming we get more than 4 (which we will) we'll run a separate women's division alongside the open. If we did get bvery few weomen's teams, we would tey to rig the schedule so that they all played each other and also played a couple of other games against open teams. So enter away!


This is a rubbercrumb venue, and likely to be not that warm. More details in Info Pack nearer the time of course.


Enter through the Entry Form.

The closing date will be one week before - Friday 28th November.


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Benji Heywood
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Through the UKU Entry Form.

The closing date will be one week before - Friday 28th November.


Soccerworld Glasgow
Croftcoighn Road M8 Junction 11
Glasgow G33 3SE
United Kingdom