Club Open Indoor Regionals

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Event date: 
17 Jan 2015 - 09:00 - 18 Jan 2015 - 18:00
Event details: 

Schedules now confirmed.







Entries are now open for the Club Open Indoor Regionals events on the weekend of 17/18 January. Apologies for the delay!

Events will take place in:

Plymouth (MarJon Centre, Sunday only, 16 team capacity)

Stoke on Trent (Fenton Manor, 28-32 team capacity)

Crawley (K2, 24-28 team capacity)


The cost will be £130 for the 2 day events, and £70 for the Plymouth Tournament. Entry is through the UKU Event Entry Form.

The closing date for entry and payment will be Friday 9th January.


NOTE: the tournaments for COIR are not geographically bound - you can attend any tournament you like. Obviously you can't attend more than one (so no teams OR PLAYERS playing at Scottish COIR in December can play at other regionals in January). Also you are of course cup-tied for Nationals to whichever team you represent at Regionals - you cannot switch teams, though you can pick up any players who did not attend regionals. (You can bring up players from your second team etc - but if we even suspect that you've tried to deliberately split your teams in order to qualify two and then pick a 1st/2nd at Nationals you'll forfeit your second spot.)


Entering and oversubscription:

We reserve the right to refuse a late entry if it will compromise the tournament for others – for example by adversely affecting the schedule – and to place the team on a waiting list instead.

For tournaments that are over-subscribed at the closing date the following rules will apply, in order

·         Teams not on the blacklist (for late dropouts at previous events) will get priority over those who are

·         Teams finishing in the top half of the same event (or a different region) in the previous year will be given priority.

·         First teams will NOT get priority over second teams - it is so easy to simply change the name of a 'second team' to avoid tsuch a rule, which would disadvantage those 'proper' clubs who have a real identity.

·         Teams will be awarded spaces based on the order of DATE (not exact time) that payment was sent. This will be assumed to be the date payment was received unless there is additional information (e.g. screenshot of transfer, postmark on stamp etc.)

If there remain too many teams - which cannot be separated by the above - for the remaining places, a lottery will be run for ONLY those inseparable teams, for those places.




Fenton Manor Sports Complex
City Road

UCP Marjon Sports Centre
Derriford Road

K2 Leisure Centre Crawley
Pease Pottage Hill,
West Sussex,
RH11 9BD

Contact email: 

If you have questions, please contact one of the following: (UKU Events Coordinator) (Plymouth) (Fenton) (Crawley)

How to register: 

Through the Entry Form

Accomodation and transport: 

We don't expect to provide large amounts of accommodation for these Club events. Please do get in touch with Benji and the relevant TD if you are desperate and we'll see if we can help - but no guarantees.

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