UKU/BUCS University Open & Women's Outdoor Regionals

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28 Feb 2015 - 09:00 - 1 Mar 2015 - 18:00
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UKU/BUCS University Open & Women's Outdoor Regionals will be held on these dates at various locations around the UK.



Scotland: St Andrews (ONE WEEK LATER - 7/8 March)

NE&NW: UCLan, Preston

Yorks & East Mids: Graham School, Scarborough

East & London: Coldham's Common, Cambridge

West & Wales: Cardiff Uni, Llanrumney

SE: Wide Lane, Southampton

SW: Bishop's Cleeve FC, nr Cheltenham



Scotland: St Andrews (ONE WEEK LATER)

North: Graham School, Scarborough

East: Coldham's Common, Cambridge

West: Cardiff Uni, Llanrumney


Entry for the Open division will be through BUCS website, and entries close on the Thursday 19th February. YOU MUST GET YOUR ATHLETIC UNION TO ENTER YOU - entry is not through UKU but through BUCSscore, which only university staff can access. More details here:

NOTE: THE FORM ON BUCSscore HAS AN OPTION TO ENTER WOMEN'S BUT THIS SHOULDN'T BE USED!!! For some reason, they can't get rid of this option, and it certainly has the potential to confuse your Athletic Union person so please do be very clear with them that they're only entering the Open team through BUCSscore and the women's through UKU.


For Women's, please use the UKU Entry Form. And please make clear to your AU that they should NOT try to enter women's through BUCS!!! That will lead to much confusion...

NOTE: Chris's poll on the regional FB pages indicates that there will be too many teams for any region to complete the women's tournament in one day; hence it is expected to be a two-day event and is thus of course the same price as the guys. And we've now booked and paid for the pitches on that basis, so even if we do now get fewer teams than said they would come, the price will very likely remain the same.

The Closing Date for women's regionals will be Thursday 19th Feb 2015. If you are entered at that time, you'll be expected to pay (even if you drop out afterwards), and if you enter after that date you may only get a space if it happens to help the schedule. Up to that date, we intend to accept ALL women's teams who enter.

You do not need to pay upfront to secure your spot if that is difficult for you - there are often delays going through university processes, and we understand this. But as mentioned, you WILL be liable if you initially sign up and then drop out after the closing date.


The Open division will act as a qualifier for BUCS Nationals; the women's division will act as a seeding tournament for Nationals - you do not need to finish in a certain position to attend Nationals, but the Nationals schedule is unlikely to be a fully open 40-team tournament and your seeding is likely to make a significant difference to your chances of winning.