UKU Junior Outdoor Nationals and Schools National Championships 2015

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Event date: 
27 Jun 2015 - 10:00 - 28 Jun 2015 - 17:00
Event details: 

Junior (U20) Outdoor Nationals and the UKU Schools National Championship Finals will this year be held at the South Bristol Sports Centre - full address below.

UKU Schools National Championship Finals are a 1-day, 5-a-side event on the Saturday only, whereas Junior Nationals is a 2 day, full-pitch 7-a-side event.

Note that for those schools teams who wish to play both days, we are able to add some school teams (or combinations of school teams if preferred) to the lower bracket of the Junior schedule on the Sunday, where in previous years they have generally found a very suitable level of competition.



Player Eligibility: Born on or after 1st Jan 1996

Membership/Affiliation requirements:

Players playing for UKU-affiliated schools playing as school teams are not required to have membership.

All other players must have minimum Basic Membership of UK Ultimate.

Team sizes and planning:

Clubs must ensure that they have appropriate levels of adult supervision in place for the event.

Based on past experience please note that you should not enter a team unless you have at least 10 fit players able to travel.

We also strongly recommend that teams plan to have a non-playing adult travelling with the team.   There have been instances where small teams have had an injury, and a second player has had to accompany the injured player to hospital, leaving behind a team that is too small to continue.  This not only spoils the tournament for the team concerned, but also for their opposition who have travelled and paid to play games, only to find they have a walkover - not ideal for anyone.

Need a team?
If you are a player or a small group of players without enough for a full team, then it may be possible to arrange for you to join up with another team; everyone involved in Junior Ultimate wants you there. HOWEVER you must explain your situation by emailing admin[at] and have UKU ratify which is the most appropriate team for you to join with. Where possible, players are linked up with players from a similar geographical area.


Clubs are welcome to enter more than one team, but in the event that the tournament becomes oversubscribed, clubs entering multiple additional teams may find lower ranked teams placed on a waiting list.


Junior Nationals will run between approximately 10:30am and 5pm on Saturday and approximately 10am to 5pm on Sunday.


Player Eligibility: There will be 2 divisions.

For the Y11 Division, all players must be in Year 11 or lower.

For the Y8 Division, all players must be in Year 8 or lower.

Please indicate on your entry form which division you would like to enter.


Team Eligibility:

All teams must be strictly school teams.  In the future we expect all teams will have to qualify through local qualification events.  For the time being, all school teams that wish to enter will be considered eligible.

Given that we are still not at the stage of having numerous regional qualifiers, for now we WILL accept multiple entries from one school (only if there is room of course - priority always given to 1st teams). This should NOT be taken to mean that this will always be possible in the future, but for now we see no benefit in turning teams away.

Membership/Affiliation requirements:

Players do not need individual membership provided the school is UKU-affiliated. Please contact admin[at] for more information on Schools Affiliation.

Team sizes and planning:

RULES: Please remember this is a 5-a-side competition played to the “UKU-Schools” adapted rules with smaller playing area, and relatively short games.  Exact game-lengths and tournament format will depend on the number of teams that enter.
For more information please look here:


The Schools Championships will run between approximately 10:30am and 5:00pm on the Saturday only.



Contact email:

Juniors £125 & Schools £65
How to register: 

Online registration form

The initial closing date for entries will be 4 weeks before the event - 29th May 2015. There may still be spaces after this time - please get in touch with any queries - but that is the date at which we will confirm entry for e.g. 2nd and 3rd teams, and any remaining spaces will be strictly first come first served.

We understand that you may not have complete control over the financial procedures at your institution, so the 29th May is not a payment deadline - but teams who pull out after that date may still be charged. Being signed up at that time is a firm commitment to pay and to play.

Accomodation and transport: 

We ARE able to arrange camping at this venue, which we expect to be free. However, we need you to let us know ASAP if you intend to take up that option - obviously there is quite a lot involved in making that happen and if no teams require it (no-one did last year!) then we would need to cancel it as soon as possible. There is a question on the entry form about it; alternatively (if you aren't able to enter yet, but you know already that you'll probably camp) please email to let us know.


Remember that you are responsible for the supervision of your team - we can arrange camping, and open the toilets etc, but we do not undertake to be responsible for your players overnight!


We also asked some local players for advice on accommodation, and this is the list they came up with - you'll have to use google from here on in, but some of these might help you look in the right place!

YHA Bristol
Avonside Guesthouse
Deez Backpackers Hostel

Church Halls:
Christchurch Hengrove
St Christophers

Hotels city centre:
Holiday Inn
Hilton Garden Inn

Smaller Hotels near the venue:
Knowle Hotel
Alexandra House Hotel
A4 Hotel
Rockdale Hotel


South Bristol Sports Centre
West Town Lane
Bristol BS14 9EA
United Kingdom