UKU/BUCS University Men's & Women's Indoor Nationals 2015-16

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6 Feb 2016 (All day) - 7 Feb 2016 (All day)
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UKU/BUCS University Indoor Nationals for both Women and Men (Div 1 & 2) will all be held alongside each other in the fabulous and enormous Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility in Motherwell, near Glasgow.


The Info Pack can now be found here:

Please do read it carefully. and get in touch through the contact info provided therein if you have any further questions.

The Schedule - which we will endeavour to update as frequently as possible through the weekend, for those who cannot attend in person - can be found here:

Both are available as PDFs below for printing.

It's a full size indoor 3G football pitch, 105x68m, giving us space for 6 full size pitches of approx 40x20m. There's also a balcony and cafe, and even some bleacher seating next to the pitch - it will be an amazing event to have it all happening at the same venue.

We aim to be finished by approx 3pm Sunday to get you on the road again, which means that Saturday will be quite a long day overall (9am-9pm), but we'll aim to schedule it so that no particular team is there the whole day.

There WILL be some floor-space available with the local University players or in scout huts etc, but this will of course be limited to those whose university will not support accommodation at a BUCS tournament - hopefully a good number of you will get that support for this event! Details have been posted on your regional Uni Ultimate Facebook group - you should make sure that representatives of your club are in that group as a great deal of information is posted there!



Entries are now open through BUCSscore - you MUST get your University AU staff to enter you, it is not possible for you to enter or for UKU to do it for you. Entries will close on the 7th JANUARY - that probably means you will need to enter a team before Christmas for many Universities.

(note that this link is to the BUCS info page only - to reiterate, you CANNOT enter except through your AU. Go see them right now!)


The closing date is early so that we're able to work out if there are any teams unable to attend, and we can then let the next few teams know they have a spot (before organising travel to Glasgow becomes impossible). Of course, if you have real trouble getting your AU organised, we will still accept later entries, but we will need you to email us and tell us very clearly that you WILL attend and WILL pay - what we can't have is people changing their mind late on, as that's not fair on any replacement teams.


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Benji Heywood
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How to register: 

ONLY THROUGH BUCS - speak to your AU.


Ravenscraig Regional Sports Centre
1 O'Donnell Way
Motherwell, NLK ML1 2TZ
United Kingdom
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