UKU Open & Women's Tour 2 2016

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9 Jul 2016 (All day) - 10 Jul 2016 (All day)
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UKU OWT2 returns once again to Grove Farm, Nottingham. This is the same venue as used for OWT1 2015.  The venue doesn’t have its own postcode, but NG7 2SA will get you onto the right entry road.


After some significant work on the site, there are now two shiny new changing blocks, and even more pitches - well over 30, if we need them - so we really do expect to cater for every single team that wishes to enter! That doesn't mean we'll necessarily accept very late entries, as plans will have been made by then - so do make sure to meet the deadlines if you can.


The closing date (and payment date) for this event will be FIVE weeks in advance - Friday 3rd June 2016. (If you're wondering, we'll be too busy with Worlds to handle anything for the few weeks after that date so we need to get entries largely sorted nice and early.) After this date, places will be awarded. Places MAY still be available later on a first-come first-served basis if the tournament is under-subscribed, and if the additional team(s) would not adversely affect the schedule, but no team - no matter how strong - would be guaranteed entry.

Please note also that teams who pull out after the closing date will be liable for 50% of the fees, and those who pull out in the last fortnight (after 24th June) will be liable for the full team fee.

Late entries will be charged an additional £30 fine - we do expect to be able to find room for as many teams as needed, but we certainly don't want to encourage everyone to enter late either!



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Accomodation and transport: 

There is no free on-site camping at this venue - but there are plenty of the usual hotels in the area. 

There is also a nearby campsite here:



Nottingham is roughly 2.5, 3 and 5 hours drive from London, Cardiff and Edinburgh, respectively, with 80% of the UK within 2 hours’ reach of the city. 
Nottingham is best accessed from the M1 for the majority of the country, or via the M5 & M42 for those travelling from the West. Whether taking the M1 for long distances, or joining it at the end of the M42 or M6, your best bet is to exit at Junction 24 (regardless of being Southbound or Northbound), onto the A453.

Follow this road along the River Trent for around 10 miles, before reaching the A52 (Clifton Boulevard), take this until a roundabout, taking the first exit onto Lenton Lane.

Stay on Lenton Lane right to the end, where staff will guide you to the parking area.

Note that Lenton Lane is single track, and if you come out again at busy times (or if a taxi drops you off and leaves) you will cause major headaches. Please try to take that inco account! Taxis should drop off at the Powerleague facility (Thane Rd, Nottingham NG7 2TG) which backs on to the other side of the pitches, and there is a cut-through to get you on to the site.

The Riverside Golf Centre is not part of the Tour venue.


Grove Farm Playing Fields
Lenton Lane
Nottingham, NGM NG7 2SA
United Kingdom
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