UKU Club Mixed Indoor Nationals 2016/17

Submitted by benheywood on Mon, 25/07/2016 - 11:11am
Event date: 
4 Mar 2017 (All day) - 5 Mar 2017 (All day)
Event details: 

CXIN 2016-17 will be held on these dates at the excellent new Derby Arena (DE24 8AN).


They have 3 excellent courts set up in the infield of the velodrome, so it will be exciting to see all the cyclists whizzing by (but rest assured there is floor to ceiling netting to protect them from your errant throws). As befits a brand new venue like this, the facilities are excellent, and there's loads of chill-out space in the spectator seating for the velodrome. It's going to be fantastic, and located very nicely in the centre of the country.


There will be space for at least 24 teams.

The tournament will be Indoor Mixed, requiring a 3/2 gender split at all times. We are currently discussing whether to apply the new WFDF gender rules from the 2017 update (endzone decides ratio, rather than offence decides ratio) although all other rules will be in line with the 2013 UKU indoor rules. Please make sure you have enough of each gender!

Games will run from around 9am-5pm each day, though if demand is very high we MAY look to extend the saturday.


Registration is now open through the UKU Entry Form. Your place is reserved only when you have both entered AND paid. Teams who are unsuccessful in entering will of course be refunded.

The closing date will be Friday 9th Feb 2016, early enough to give those teams who are successful time to plan their logistics. If spaces remain after that date, we will of course continue to accept entries on a first come first served basis providing that doing so does not adversely affect the schedule for other teams - but we will be able to confirm places for entered teams at that time.

NOTE however that unless you finished highly at the same event last year, beating the closing date does not guarantee you a space. There is likely to be a large element of first-come-first-served in who gets in, as per that fourth criterion below - please read the entry rules properly. This particular tournament does tend to fill quickly.

We expect to have space for 24 teams. If the event is oversubscribed at the closing date, the method for determining entrants is below.


The venue is a normal hardcourt indoor surface - you will need clean. non-marking indoor footwear.


We do not expect to provide accommodation at this tournament. Please get in touch if this is a major problem for you, but we are unlikely to be able to help you much beyond putting you in touch with local players who MAY be able to help.



For tournaments that are over-subscribed at the closing date the following rules will apply, in order

·         Teams not on the blacklist (for late dropouts at previous events) will get priority over those who are

·         Teams finishing in the top half of the same event in the previous year will be given priority.

·         First teams will NOT get priority over second teams - it is so easy to simply change the name of a 'second team' to avoid such a rule, which would disadvantage those 'proper' clubs who have a real identity.

·         Teams will be awarded spaces based on the order of DATE (not exact time) that payment was sent. This will be assumed to be the date payment was received unless there is additional information (e.g. screenshot of transfer, postmark on stamp etc.)

If there remain too many teams - which cannot be separated by the above - for the remaining places, a lottery will be run for ONLY those inseparable teams, for those places.



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