UKU/BUCS University Men's Indoor Regionals 2017/18

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Event date: 
11 Nov 2017 (All day) - 12 Nov 2017 (All day)
Event details: 

UMIR 2017 will be held on this date in 7 regional locations.


SSS Men's Indoor Championships (aka Scottish Regionals): Ravenscraig, Motherwell. 3G surface.

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North: Greenbank, Liverpool. Hard court.

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Yorks & East Mids: The Edge, Leeds. Hard court.

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West Mids & Wales: Alan Higgs Centre, Coventry. 3G surface.

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South West: STV, Bath. Hard court.

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South East: Hart Leisure Centre, Fleet. Hard court.

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East & London: Cranford Superdome, Cranford. 3G surface.

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This document shows the most up to date information we have regarding the timings and locations for these events.


Entries are open from Tuesday 26th September 2017, and must be made through BUCS, not through UKU. Your University staff will have to enter you, as only they have access to the BUCS system. Go and see your AU staff ASAP and get your entries in - late entries have no guarantee of being accepted, even if it's something that appears not to be your fault (like staff not being in the office when you try and enter 10 mins before the deadline...). Get it sorted!

The closing date is Thursday 12th October 2017.



UKU/BUCS Indoors Entry Rules

BUCS Regionals (Open/Women - see additional rules for Mixed below)

The closing date and payment date will be as announced by BUCS (to your Uni) and on our UKU event pages. BUCS will no longer accept late entries this year. It may be possible for us to institute a second round of entries after the first deadline has passed if the tournaments are undersubscribed, but these will be charged (by BUCS) at 20% over the initial price - and we cannot in any way guarantee to make space for teams who have missed the BUCS deadlines. Don't mess this up!


For tournaments that are over-subscribed at the closing date the following rules will apply, in order:

·         First teams will get priority over second teams, and second over third etc.

·         If there is insufficient room for all first teams, places will be awarded in the following order:

o   First teams finishing in the top half of the previous year’s tournament

o   First teams who didn’t enter the previous year’s tournament

o   Remaining first teams in order of their finishing position last year

·         If there are spaces remaining after all first teams have been awarded a space, second teams will be offered places in an order based on finishing position last year, and then third teams and so on

o   Second teams with no finishing position from last year will have a lower priority than those who attended – but still above all third teams (and so on)

If the cut-off happens to fall between 2 or more teams with no finishing position from last year, a lottery will be run between those teams to determine entry.

BUCS Nationals

The closing date and payment date will be as announced by BUCS. Entry is guaranteed for all qualifying teams provided they meet this deadline.

Should any teams fail to take up their spots, the places will be filled by the next-ranked team from one of the qualifying tournaments, with priority among regions determined according to the following (in order):

1.       The region(s) not yet offered an extra place under this process which had the fewest qualification spots originally

2.       The region from which the team dropped out

3.       The strongest regions, i.e.

a.       for Division 1, the region with the highest-ranked relegated team last year – but note that rule 1 means we ignore teams from regions already awarded a dropout-spot.

b.      for Division 2, the region with the highest average finishing position in Division 2 the previous year

c.       for Women’s, the region with the highest average finishing position last year.

4.       A lottery between regions that cannot be separated by the above


Rules will be the same as for BUCS tournaments, with the following additions:

Late entries may be accepted, providing that they improve the schedule for others. We will not allow late entries which make the numbers worse.

·         Single-institution teams at a given level (e.g. 1st, 2nd etc) will have priority entry at regionals over any teams at the same level who have players from more than one institution.

·         UKU reserve the right to move clubs to a blacklist if any of their teams default from any UKU University tournament at late notice.

o   Blacklisted 1st teams will only get into non-BUCS tournaments if there is space for all 1st teams; 2nd/3rd/4th teams from blacklisted clubs will only get a space if the tournament is undersubscribed – i.e. someone else’s 4th team will get in ahead of your 2nd team.


Qualifying Spots


Men's (Div 1 + Div 2) (Change from last year)
Scotland & Northern Ireland - 6 + 2 ( gaining 1 spot in Div 1)
North East & North West - 3 + 3 (gaining 1 spot in Div 2)
Yorkshire & East Midlands - 2 + 3 
East & London - 2 + 2 (losing 1 spot in Div 1)
South East - 3 + 2 (gaining spot in Div 1)
South West- 2 + 2
West Midlands & Wales - 2 + 2 (losing 1 spot in Div 1 and 1 spot in Div 2)

Which region are we in?

Please note that your region is not necessarily related to where your Men's team plays in the Outdoor leagues. We have 7 indoor regions (combined into 4 larger regions for Women's), which do not tally with the 5 Outdoor Men's regions. Check carefully!

This list should now contain all the Unis - if your team is missing please do let us know and we'll update it!


South East East + London South West West Mids & Wales Yorks & East Mids NE & NW Scotland
Brighton Anglia Ruskin Bath Aberyswyth Bradford Chester Aberdeen
Chichester Bedfordshire Bournemouth Bangor De Montfort Durham Dundee
Holloway Brunel Bristol Birmingham Hallam Lancaster Edinburgh
Kent Cambridge Exeter Cardiff Huddersfield Liverpool Glasgow
Oxford City Falmouth Coventry Hull Manchester Heriot-Watt
Oxford Brookes Cranfield Plymouth Gloucestershire Leeds Newcastle St Andrews
Portsmouth Essex Southampton Keele Leeds Beckett Northumbria Stirling
Reading Goldsmiths UWE Staffordshire Leicester Salford Strathclyde
Surrey Hertfordshire Winchester Swansea Lincoln Sunderland  
Sussex Imperial   USW Loughborough UCLan  
  KCL   Warwick Northampton  LJMU  
  LSE   Wolverhampton Nottingham    
  Open   Worcester Nottingham Trent    
  Queen Marys     Sheffield    
  Roehampton     Sheffield Hallam    
  SOAS     York    
  St Mary's     York St Johns    
  UAL      Derby    
Contact name: 
Meg Price
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How to register: 

Through your University and BUCS - not UKU!

Accomodation and transport: 

If you need accommodation for this tournament, please look out for the accommodation contact posting information on your Regional facebook page.