UKU/BUCS University Women's Outdoor Regionals 2017/18 & Open Warm Up Tournaments

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Event date: 
3 Mar 2018 (All day) - 4 Mar 2018 (All day)
Event details: 

UWOR 2017-18 will be held at the 4 regional locations (West, East, North, Scotland) over the weekend of 3rd/4th March 2018, with possible open warm up tournaments run alongside. 



MAKE SURE THAT YOU PICK THE RIGHT TEAM. There is a (W) or (O) to indicate if you’re playing a Women’s or Men’s team - DON’T GET IT WRONG OR YOUR SCORES WILL JUST BE DELETED.


The individual event details can be found below:



Venue: Salford Sports Village, M7 3NQ. 

Open warm-up tournament?: Yes

Entries open: 16th January

Entry deadline: 1st February




Venue: University Sports Centre, St Andrews, KY16 9DY

Open warm-up tournament?: Yes - SSS University Open Outdoor Championships

Entries open: 16th January

Entry deadline: 1st February




Venue: Llanrumney Playing Fields, Cardiff, CF3 4JN

Open warm-up tournament?: Yes

Entries open: 16th January

Entry deadline: 1st February




Venue: UEA Colney Lane Playing Fields, NR4 7TJ

Open warm-up tournament?: No

Entries open: 30th January

Entry deadline: 15th February


Entries for the Women's Regionals tournaments will be open through BUCSscore for each of the events as stated above - you CANNOT enter through UKU. You must get the staff at your Athletic Union to enter through the official BUCS site. Make sure that you enter on time and that you're entered into the correct region. 

For any open teams that wish to play at the Open Warm-up tournament in the Women's regions, please complete the UKU Event Entry Form here: The same entry open and closing dates for the Women's Outdoor Regionals competitions apply to the respective Men's Warm Up tournaments. More details below.

All Women's teams must enter in order to qualify for BUCS Nationals. We expect to run both a Division 1 and a Division 2 at Nationals, so the large majority of teams should be able to attend, but you must attend regionals in order to be eligible for Nationals. Regionals is a required part of the BUCS season, and teams must qualify through it for the National event in April.


If the tournament is oversubscribed the entry procedures will be as described below (UKU/BUCS Entry Rules).



In Scotland, we will also be running the SSS University Open Outdoor Championships alongside the BUCS Women's event. This will not have any impact on BUCS qualification for the boys, but will of course have some nice shiny SSS medals up for grabs as per usual. Teams wishing to enter this event should enter through the UKU Entry Form. It's impossible to say how many teams we can accommodate until we see the Women's entry numbers - we'll confirm after that closing date, and it will be first come first served among all the first teams, then all the second teams, and so on, but make sure you get your entry in if you wish to be considered for a place. Please note: If you are signed up for the SSS Open event as of that closing date (1st Feb) you will be expected to come if offered a place, and will be charged if you pull out. Don't sign up unless you are sure you can come.


Similarly, for any of the other University Men's Warm Up tournaments, we cannot guarantee your place until ALL of the women's entries have been received and confirmed. The number of places available in the warm up tournament will depend on how many women's teams enter, but should you complete the UKU Entry Form for the tournament and be offered a space, you WILL be liable to pay the full team fee. You will be informed of whether you have been offered a place once the closing date for that Regional tournament has passed.


If you have any questions, please email


UKU/BUCS Entry Rules

BUCS Regionals 

The closing date and payment date will be as announced by BUCS. If places remain open after that date, they MAY be filled on a first-pay first-play basis. UKU/BUCS reserve the right to refuse a late entry if it will compromise the tournament for others – for example by adversely affecting the schedule – and to place the team on a waiting list instead.


For tournaments that are over-subscribed at the closing date the following rules will apply, in order:

·         First teams will get priority over second teams, and second over third etc.

·         If there is insufficient room for all first teams, places will be awarded in the following order:

o   First teams finishing in the top half of the previous year’s tournament

o   First teams who didn’t enter the previous year’s tournament

o   Remaining first teams in order of their finishing position last year

·         If there are spaces remaining after all first teams have been awarded a space, second teams will be offered places in an order based on finishing position last year, and then third teams and so on

o   Second teams with no finishing position from last year will have a lower priority than those who attended – but still above all third teams (and so on)

If the cut-off happens to fall between 2 or more teams with no finishing position from last year, a lottery will be run between those teams to determine entry.


Which region are we in?

Please note that your region is not necessarily related to where your Men's team plays in the outdoor leagues. We have 7 indoor regions (combined into 4 larger regions for Women's Indoors and Outdoors), which do not tally with the 5 outdoor Men's regions. Check carefully!

This list should now contain all the Unis - if your team is missing please do let us know and we'll update it!


East West North Scotland
Anglia Ruskin Aberyswyth Bradford Aberdeen
ARU  Bangor  Chester  Dundee 
Bedfordshire Bath  De Montfort  Edinburgh 
Brighton  Birmingham  Durham  Glasgow 
Brunel  Bournemouth  Hallam  Heriot-Watt 
Cambridge  Bristol  Huddersfield  Stirling 
Chicester  Cardiff  Hull  Strathclyde 
City Coventry  Lancaster  St Andrews
Cranfield  Exeter  Leeds   
Essex  Falmouth  Leeds Beckett  
Goldsmiths Gloucestershire Leicester  
Hertfordshire  Keele  Lincoln   
Holloway Plymouth  Liverpool   
Holloway  Southampton  Loughborough   
Imperial  Staffordshire  Manchester   
KCL  Swansea  Newcastle   
Kent  USW Northampton   
LSE  UWE  Northumbria  
Open Warwick  Nottingham   
Oxford  Winchester  Nottingham Trent   
Oxford Brookes Wolverhampton Salford   
Portsmouth  Worcester  Sheffield   
Queen Marys   Sheffield Hallam   
Reading    Sunderland  
Roehampton    UCLan   
St Mary's    York   
Surrey    York St Johns  


Contact name: 
Meg Price
Contact email:

£155 (Women's) £150 (Men's)
How to register: 

Through BUCSscore for the University Women's Outdoor Regional tournaments - NOT UKU. 

For the University Men's Warm Up tournaments (inc. the SSS University Open Outdoor Championships), enter using the UKU Event Entry Form.

Accomodation and transport: 

Accommodation help will be provided by the local University TDing the tournament. Details will be published on the University Regional Facebook pages.