UKU Masters Nationals/Glastonbury 2018

Submitted by megprice on Wed, 07/03/2018 - 2:41pm
Event date: 
22 Sep 2018 (All day) - 23 Sep 2018 (All day)
Event details: 

For 2018, UKU Masters Nationals will be held on the weekend of September 22nd-23rd, as a joint event with the Glastonbury tournament.


Please note this a change from previously announced dates, to avoid a clash with Beach Nationals that has moved to Sept 8-9th (more information regarding the Beach event will be published in a separate announcement).



The team entry fee is £200. Email Ed Shardlow at at to register or if you have any questions.


Why run a combined event / why combine with Glastonbury?

Our Masters scene is still in its early stages, with few established teams. That is something we want to change. Last year’s we tried a stand-alone event which generated some interest but not enough to be feasible. This year we’re trying a combined event, which brings the added bonus of offering a full weekend of Ultimate for those that want it.  This approach allows us to start small for our first UK Masters Nationals event; hopefully future editions can grow until we’re ready to exist as a stand-alone event.


Glastonbury is already a popular event for many that are of Masters-eligible age, and occurs at around the right point in the calendar.

What if I want to compete at only Masters Nationals and not Glastonbury (or vice-versa)? 

That’s completely fine!  When you register you’ll be able to select to play “Only Master Nationals”, “Only Glastonbury”, or “Both Master Nationals and Glastonbury”.  Once entries are in we’ll work our magic with the schedule, and so should be able to accommodate everyone.

Okay...consider me will the combined tournament work?

Both events will occur at the same place, and the same time.  Master’s Nationals will run on the Saturday and will complete within one day, whilst the pool-play stages of Glastonbury are occuring. Masters teams that wish to stay on will then filter into the Glastonbury tournament for the Sunday, offering those that want it the full weekend of Ultimate.


The format of the Masters Nationals competition, and the divisions we can host, will depend on the number of teams that enter, but will most likely be pools similar in size to the main Glastonbury tournament (allowing results to easily map across), followed by a 1v2 final to determine the Master’s Nationals 2018 Champions.


It may be possible to split different Masters divisions into different pools, but this will depend upon numbers of entries.

How do we register?

Email Ed Shardlow at at Places will be awarded on a first-come-first-served basis.


Reminder of age-eligibility rules for Masters divisions

Women who wish to play Masters must be 30 or older in the calendar year of the event, i.e. you turned this age before December 31st of that year.  Men must be 33 or older in the calendar year of the event.  For Mixed, simply use the rule for the gender you identify with.


Contact name: 
Ed Shardlow/ Oli Browne/ Meg Price
How to register: 

By emailing Ed Shardlow at

Accomodation and transport: 

Camping will be available from Friday night onwards.


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Street Road
Glastonbury BA6 9EF
United Kingdom