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8 Dec 2018 - 09:00 - 9 Dec 2018 - 17:00
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O'Cayman is a new indoor tournament that is Caymanian themed!

What does that mean?

The Cayman Islands Government Office UK are sponsoring us!


There will be two combined divisions:

- open 

- women's

Women's division will play with the open division being able to compete for both trophies. However, open teams can only compete for the open division. An example below is Women's ABC placing 2nd in open division but first in women's division whilst Women's ABBA placed fourth in open but second in women's. Open DEF is the winner of only the open division and Open ACDC only placed third in the open division.

1. Open DEF

2. Women's ABC

3. Open ACDC

4. Women's ABBA


Each team will get their own free disc (there will be some for sale as well - £10).

Bored between games?

There will be not only action on pitch but on the sidelines with our limbo competition!

There will also be a Cayman themed quiz that can be done throughout the weekend too.

There will be a boardgames table for those that fancy a bit of Bananagrams or Monopoly Deal!

There will be plenty of trophies and prizes available up for grabs.

For both divisions, there will be a Saturday night fancy dress party with the theme "Caribbean" in Leeds city centre.

Tired between games? We'll have a nap corner too!


To express interest, please fill out the registration form below:



Be sure to join the Facebook group for updates, requests for transport, unsolicited disc pics, etc.



We have created a pickup sheet for teams looking for pickups, pickups looking for teams!



All enquiries can be emailed to ocaymanuf@gmail.com


Deadline for registering (including payment) will be Nov. 23rd.

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Please fill out this form below:


Accomodation and transport: 

Accommodation is provided (scout hut on Sat night) but first come, first served as there is limited space.

If wanting to stay over on the Friday night, we might be able to sort something out but not a guarantee.


The Edge
The University of Leeds Willow Terrace Road
Leeds LS2 9JT
United Kingdom
Please bring: 

Water for your games and IDs for the night out.