[UKU Ranking Event] London Moooxed 2019

Submitted by megprice on Fri, 01/03/2019 - 2:35pm
Event date: 
18 May 2019 (All day) - 19 May 2019 (All day)
Event details: 

As part of the Mixed Division’s third round of events in 2019, London Moooxed will be held on this date at the Old Alleynian Rugby/Cricket Clubhouse and Grounds, London. 


This competition will a Tier 2 UKU Ranking Event. There is only space for 16 teams maximum. Two other Tier 2 events, Caledonia’s Call and Maypole Mayhem, will also be taking place on this weekend. 

More information for the event can be found on Thundering Herd's Facebook page.



SPIRIT LINKhttps://goo.gl/ETqrRg

EVENT INFO: http://bit.ly/2HkgHls


Please note that entries for this event will follow the NEW Club Outdoor Event Entry Procedure

Entries will be open from 4th March until the Closing Date on 10th April  


Teams can enter using the GoMembership website.

If you are unsure on how the new entry procedure works, please use the guidelines below to help -

How to Set Up Teams: https://www.ukultimate.com/system/files/HOW%20TO%20CREATE%20TEAMS.pdf

How to Enter Events: https://www.ukultimate.com/system/files/UKU%20Event%20Entry%20Guidelines.pdf

NOTE: You need to be a Club Administrator to enter using this system. If you are not sure who your Club Admin is or you're having trouble with the new process, please email admin@ukultimate.com.


Further details on the competition structure change can be found here: https://www.ukultimate.com/newsletter_issue/competition_review_update_2019_dates.


Interested in bidding to run any of these events in the future? Check out the information on how to HERE!


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Andrew Moss
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How to register: 

Using the UKU GoMembership website

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