[UKU Ranking Event] Nottingham Windfarm 2019

Submitted by megprice on Tue, 27/11/2018 - 4:57pm
Event date: 
1 Jun 2019 (All day) - 2 Jun 2019 (All day)
Event details: 

Nottingham Windfarm (the Open & Women's Round 1 event) will be held on this date at the Riverside Sports Complex, Nottingham. 


All of the information for the event can be found on the Event Website HERE, including the schedule, spirit link and exclusive offers from Visit Nottinghamshire!


ENTRIES ARE NOW CLOSED. The full list of confirmed teams can be found HERE (correct as of 01/05/2019 9am).


Please note that entries for this event will follow the NEW Club Outdoor Event Entry Procedure

Early Bird entries will be open from 9th January - 27th February.

Entries for remaining spaces will then be open until the Closing Date which is 24th April

The list of Protected Teams for this event are: [OPEN DIVISION] Ka-Pow!, EMO 1, Brighton City, Manchester Ultimate, Clapham 1, Fire of London 1, SMOG 1, Flump, Bristol 1, Devon 1, Reading Ultimate 1, Birmingham; [WOMEN'S DIVISION] HYDRA 1, Purple Cobras, Red 1, Iceni, Nice Bristols, Chaos, Reading 1, Reading Black, Uprising, SMOGlobetrotters, SYC 1, Brighton Women. 


Teams can enter using the GoMembership website HERE.

If you are unsure on how it works, please use the guidelines below to help -

How to Set Up Teamshttps://www.ukultimate.com/system/files/HOW%20TO%20CREATE%20TEAMS.pdf

How to Enter Eventshttps://www.ukultimate.com/system/files/UKU%20Event%20Entry%20Guidelines.pdf

NOTE: You need to be a Club Administrator to enter using this system. If you are not sure who your Club Admin is or you're having trouble with the new process, please email admin@ukultimate.com.  

Further details on the competition structure change can be found here: https://www.ukultimate.com/newsletter_issue/competition_review_update_2019_dates.

Contact email: 
How to register: 

Using the UKU GoMembership portal

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