Barnes Women's Hat

Submitted by Chesca Tyler Weddell on Tue, 07/01/2020 - 12:53pm
Event date: 
2 Feb 2020 - 10:30 - 12:30
Event details: 

Come and play some relaxed, winter outdoor Ultimate! We want to provide an opportunity for players from across the women’s community to come together and have fun playing Ultimate. Everyone is welcome - from University players new to the sport to those who play regularly; from junior players to those who have retired from club Ultimate. 

We want to provide an opportunity for these different groups to come together - even if just for a short time. More than anything, we hope this will be fun and a chance to play some Ultimate in a relaxed environment, but we do, in particular, also hope it will also help more university players to figure out how to play outside and after uni.

We would really appreciate any help you can give in spreading the word! Some of the players we hope to reach aren’t going to read this directly from UK Ultimate. We really need your help to share it onwards. Thanks!

This will be a hat tournament. This just means we try to mix people up into teams at random, but we’ll have an option for people to stay paired up with a friend. We’re planning to play 4- or 5-a-side (a little numbers-dependent) on small(ish) pitches. This should mean everyone gets more time on the disc; and honestly, we just think it’s a bit easier to play in small teams when nobody knows each other. We hope this will be a repeatable format to provide more playing opportunities for women.

The small fee is to cover field hire and ensure numbers on the day. Anyone who signs up must have at least basic level UKU membership, this will cover you to play at similar events until 30th September 2020.

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Chesca Weddell
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Sign up by clicking on the event website above.

Accomodation and transport: 

Please use public transport. There's limiited parking, and it's better for the world!


Barnes Elms Sports Trust
Marathon Pavilion, Queen Elizabeth Walk Barnes
London SW13 9SA
United Kingdom
Please bring: 

Light and dark shirt, water bottle, snacks, football boots, warm clothes. There are basic facilities including toilets and changing rooms on site and a number of cafes and pubs close by.