UKU Club Mixed Indoor Qualifiers [CXIQ] 2021-22 - January Events

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Event date: 
8 Jan 2022 (All day) - 9 Jan 2022 (All day)
Event details: 

Club Mixed Indoor Qualifiers 2021-22 will be held at two different venues on this date.


These qualifier events are brand NEW for the 2021-22 season. This is due to the high demand that there has been for CXIN for the last few years so we thought that introducing a qualifying event would open up more opportunities for teams to play Mixed Indoors throughout the season. Only 16 teams will across all 5 events will qualify to CXIN (19th-20th March 2022).


It is possible that we may not receive enough interest for all 5 events to go ahead as planned (2 in January, 3 in February). We will make a judgement once entries are closed to determine whether we will use the bookings we have, reduce down to 1 day events or cancel those that do not have enough interest. However, we encourage all interested teams to enter, and if we have to make any decisions to reduce the events then we will refund teams as/when necessary. 


South CXIQ#1 - Cranford Superdome - ONE DAY - Saturday 8th January ONLY

Info Pack:


Midlands CXIQ#1 - Alan Higgs

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More venue details, including the playing surface, expected times of play, and full venue addresses, can be found here:  


These form part of the same qualification tournament as the other divisional events occuring in February 2022 so you cannot play at one of these events and also one of those! If we find that this has happened then you will be disqualified from both tournaments.


There are no regional limitations so feel free to enter whichever venue/date suits your team best.


CXIQ ENTRIES OPEN: 3rd November - 1st December 


Keep an eye out on the UKU Event Announcements Newsletter for updates and reminders.


Please don't forget that you need to confirm NO LATER THAN TUESDAY 8th FEBRUARY if you are NOT taking up your qualification spot at COWIN by emailing, or even if you're just concerned at this point that you won't be able to enter. This will then give us enough time to award the spot to another team. If you do not let us know by that date, you WILL be liable to pay the full entry fee even if you are not attending Nationals. 


This event will also follow the UKU Tournament Rules which can be accessed here:

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Si Hill
Contact number (primary): 
07802 311298
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How to register: 

Using the UKU GoMembership website