UKU Staff

UK Ultimate employs a number of staff members in either full time or part time roles. 

Si Hill - CEO

Reports to the Chair of the Board, and is responsible for the management of UK Ultimate and overseeing the day-to-day activities of the organisation.

At a high level the purpose of the CEO role is:

  • Work with the Chair to ensure that the Board formulates and regularly review the UKU’s mission and strategic plan; ensure it is able to monitor annual plans and targets
  • Be responsible for staff/volunteer leadership, management and administration of the organisation in executing the agreed plans and fulfilling its obligations – which includes dealing with important, but unexpected issues that arise
  • Work with the Chair to ensure that the Board receives appropriate advice and information on all relevant matters and hence enable it to fulfil its governance responsibilities
  • Promotion of the sport and the organisation – ensuring that both are appropriately presented to stakeholders, e.g. UKU members, sports teachers, fund-awarding bodies, WFDF, etc
  • The CEO is also a director and Company Secretary


Chris Bamford - Administrator

The administrators activities include:

  • Managing UKU membership
  • Admin of Board meetings – i.e. dates and minutes
  • First point of contact to players and public approaching UKU
  • Providing UKU staff with administrative support
  • Maintenance of club affiliation scheme
  • Administer Board elections
  • Administration of Enhanced CRB checks: managing checks, member details, etc, maintaining list of checked people; and any other administrative activities that arise from running these CRB checks.