Meg Price


Name: Meg Price


Job Title: Events Coordinator


Whats do you actually do???  

The main part of my role is organising the tournament calendar and the various events throughout the year, from small regional competitions to our larger National ones, across all of the divisions that you might compete in! 


In many cases I set up and manage the events from the outset until completion, including booking the venues, writing the schedules and running the tournament itself with my small group of trusty TDs. In other instances, I work closely with clubs or individuals who run their own Tournament Organising Committee (TOC) - particularly when it comes to the University Regional Events or Tier 2 UKU Ranking Events. In these cases my role can change quite a lot, from doing all of the bits I usually do but with someone else just being the Tournament Director (TD) on the day to just solely assisting the TOC with team entries and writing the schedule!


I work particularly closely with various UK Ultimate Committees, notably the UKU Competitions Committee and UKU University Committee. Regularly we review specific aspects related to each committee's area, for example the overall tournament structure or developing/expanding certain areas of competition, and I will help to implement any actions that come from various discussions or committee meetings. Similarly, working alongside Si, I look at the longer-term plan for events; this could be anything from building the brand of an event or to bidding for UK Ultimate to run a European or international competition in the future.


Who can I find you playing with currently/Where can I find you at tournaments?

I don't really play these days as it's a bit much to organise the events as well as play at them, so more likely than not you'll find me managing the show at the TD desk if I'm not enjoying a weekend off!


Why might I get in touch with you?

If you have a query about anything tournament related, anything at all! 

Lost a shoe? Email Not sure when entries open? Email Unfortunately your team needs to drop out of a tournament that's coming up? Email You get the gist :-)