Ruth Flight

Name: Ruth Flight


Job Title: GB Junior Ultimate Programme Manager   


What do you actually do??? 

Heck where do I start?? Listed of some of my duties as follows;


  • Assist in the appointment of junior staff 
  • Arrange GB junior trials and ensure they run smoothly.
  • Assist GB junior staff in all aspects of their jobs when required
  • Training- days or weekend 


I also arrange all aspects of trips for worlds or euros including but not limited to: 

travel, accommodation, Insurance’s, food, kit order, physio cover, Medical cover, tournament entries, pkayer prizes, player well being, parents info, payments, any individual player&staff needs whilst in uk or abroad, injury prevention & management via med squad, paperwork, a necessary evil, child protection, player wellbeing during tournament - heat management,  food management, staff wellbeing, hospital visits with injured players - We hope to minimise these visits with all of the above.  Player and parent education on how to ‘survive’ a week long tournament. Finally getting everyone home in one piece and safely after a fun filled, physically demanding successful weeks play! 


Who can I find you playing with currently/Where can I find you at tournaments?

 Hee hee I don’t actually play Ultimate but if any of my 3 daughters are playing you will usually find me  pitchside supporting them and their GB/Uni/Club teams   


Why might I get in touch with you?

 If you think you have kids who are eligible to trial for GB Juniors.