Si Hill

Name: Simon Hill

Job Title: CEO

What do you actually do???  

Inevitably I am involved to some degree in almost everything that UKU is doing.  This includes the obvious projects like helping to run events, supporting UKU sub-committees, working with external organisations such as the Youth Sport Trust, and managing the UKU staff members.  I work on a number of international ultimate groups: in particular the WFDF Ultimate Committee as well as the Rules and Event Bid groups.


Increasingly, one of my priorities is to better enable UKU volunteer sub-committees to directly drive progress and activity in their areas.  We’re trying to reduce my involvement with day to day operations so that I can invest more of my time in areas that will help increase participation and/or income in the medium-long term.


Who can I find you playing with currently/Where can I find you at tournaments?

I’m not really able to play regularly anymore - but I did manage another tournament with GB Grandmasters at European Beach in May.  Guildford, TBC and Devon were also all kind enough to let me train or play some games with them this year (despite my flakey attendance and diminishing fitness).  I work at most of the larger UKU outdoor tournaments, and if there is time between jobs, I’m always happy to stop and talk - please just wave me down!  If that doesn’t work - feel free to call me during the week.


Why might I get in touch with you?

Sadly (for me) one of the main reasons you’ll get in touch with me is that you’re unhappy with something about ultimate in the UK.  Sometimes we (staff and volunteers) make mistakes; but often there are situations where it’s not possible to make everyone happy.   Either way I promise to listen and think about what you have to say.


You’ve got an idea about something that could be different or better?

You’re looking for information about ultimate and you can’t find it anywhere!

You’re thinking of getting involved with a UKU project or sub-committee but would like to know more.

You’ve got a lead for a company that is interested in a partnership with UKU e.g. sponsoring a GB team.  Or better still, you own such a company...


Or - you just want to say “Hey!”  Ultimate players really are a lovely bunch of people, and one of the very best parts of my job is simply being at tournaments with other ultimate players.  If you’ve read this far, I think you probably know what I mean.