GB U20 Womens - World Junior Ultimate Championships, Lecco (Italy) 2014

CONGRATULATIONS to those listed below who have made the GB JUNIOR WOMENS U20 TEAM 

Amber Cottrell

Amber Durrant

Catherine Pope

Charlotte Mayes

Dani Bariball

Eleanor Taylor

Emma Klima

Erin McGready

Georgia Murphy

Ilona Livarski

Jess Cowley

Jo Lewis

Katie Ackerley

Kay White

Leila Denniston

Lucy Flight

Megan Campbell

Natalie Milner

Natasha Callen

Phoebe Slee

Rebecca Palmer

Rupal Ghelani

Sarah Krauze

Stella Slinger Thompson


Training dates for this season are: 

3/4th May [Warwick] - TRAINING WEEKEND

21/22nd June [Nottingham] - UK NATIONAL LEAGUE (Tour 2)

5/6th July [Warwick] - TRAINING WEEKEND




World Ultimate Championships - Lecco Italy

Depart from UK Friday 19th July

Return to UK Sunday 27th July


Funding and Costs:

The cost of each UK based event will be £20 to attend. This will include training fees, accommodation and food but it will not assist with transport costs. The cost of attending the World Championships (transport, kit, food, accommodation, etc) will be confirmed later on in the year. However, previous fees have been around £700 - £800. Funding from the Ultimate Frisbee Organisation will be provided to assist the squad, however, players must fund their own expenses throughout the year and will receive no individual help from the organisation. Players are advised to fund raise where necessary and the organisation will provide advisory assistance where possible to help players achieve the funding they need.


Please keep Head Coach Linda Gilmour updated in the case of any injuries over the course of the season; also if your ability to attend training weekends changes. Her email address is


We look forwards to seeing you! 

Linda, Linz and Gemma

GBJW Coaching and Management Team

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Past Results

To see previous year's squads, click on the year


2012 Junior World Championships - Dublin, Ireland
  1. Colombia
  2. USA
  3. Canada
  4. Germany (Spirit)
  5. Italy
  6. Sweden
  7. Australia
  8. Japan
  9. Latvia
  10. Great Britain
  11. Russia
  12. France
  13. Israel
  14. Ireland
  15. Finland

Back: Jon Pugh (coach), Amelia Cartwright, Kathryn Elsby, Nisha Nallamilli, Natalie Milner, Beth Saunders, Alice Arnold, Amy Samson, Katie Ackerley, Katie Hall, Carla Link(c), Tash Callen, Jen Link (manager)

Front: Sarah Lacy, Sarah Krauze, Jess Cowley, Erin McGready, Sophie Wharton, Hannah Webster, Sophie Shire (c), Grace Owen (c), Kim Owen

Lying Down: Leighton the Physio!




2011 Junior European Championships - Wroclaw, Poland
  1. Italy
  2. Germany
  3. Sweden
  4. Great Britain
  5. Israel
  6. Czech Republic
  7. France
  8. Poland
  9. Ireand

From left to right... Back Row:  Gemma Taylor (Manager), Carla Link (c), Charly Hesketh, Kat Smith, Amy Samson, Jess Buckpitt, Nikki Biggs (c), Amina Malik, Katie Lovell, Charlotte Bartrick, Caitlin Wilson, Jon Pugh (coach)

Front Row: Jen Link (asst. coach), Amelia Cartwright, Heather Scullion, Grace Owen (c), Kim Owen, Charley Ward, Sophie Shire, Hannah Webster, Megan Price






11th at the 2010 World Championships, Heilbronn, Germany



From left to right...  

Middle Row: 

Front Row: 




Emily Pennifold (VC)
Anna Lisa Stone (C)
Charlotte Hesketh
Harriet James (Social)
Claire Soullier
Hayley Nicklin
Hannah Randles (MT)
Ami Barton
Abbie Dutton
Jen Link
Kate Farmer
Ruby Rennison (MT)
Laura Triggs
Anna Gopsill
Charlie Gallagher
Charlie Blair (MT)
Emma Jane Edge
Jo Whelan When Available
Carla Link When Available





Katie Lear
Lucy Hawkes (MT)
Jody Martin
Kelly Martin
Sarah Griff (Social)
Rachel Mcculloch
Fiona Auld
Sarah Owens
Emma Boxell
Alex Chisholm
Caitlin Wilson (C)
Amina Malik
Eleanor Hubrect (C)
Sophie Cassidy


First Team

6th at the 2008 World Championships, Vancouver.

U19 First Team

From left to right... Back Row: James Hall (Coach), Rosie Dawson, Johanna S, Ruby Rennison (VC), Gill Spy (VC), Jen Hart (C), Lauren Bryant, Jas Wright, Linz Wilkinson (Coach) 
Middle Row: Nicola Biggs, Anna-Lisa Stone, Kate Farmer, Abbie Dutton, Jo Whelan, Hannah Randles
Front Row: Charlie Blair, Katie Holmes, Laura O'Brien, Emily Meade, Rosie Chilton







Second Team

Finished 2nd at European Open Championships.

GBJW U19 2nd Team


 Back Row: Sarah Owens, Georgia Kyffin, Linz Wilkinson (Coach), Hannah Whyte-Smith, Jessica Griffiths, Ami Barton, Claire Johnston, Lynsey Anderson, Kerry Harvey, Ellis Goldspink

Front Row: Katrina Rae (Coach), Fiona Auld, Rachel McCulloch, Jen Link, Phil Sturt (Coach)




These were the teams who competed in the U20 division in 2007 at the European Championships in Southampton.

1. GBJW1 (Gold)

2. SWEDEN (Silver)

3. GBJW2 (Bronze)


GBJW 1st Team U19 (Gold Medal Winners!)GBJW 1st Team U19 (Gold Medal Winners!)

From left to right... 

Back Row: Abi Dutton,  Ros Cameron, Becky Petrie, Amie Channon (Captain), Kate Farmer, Jen Burt, Jenni Hart, Johanna S (VC).

Middle Row: Ruby Rennison, Em Woodwark, Lauren Bryant, Alice DY, Lucy Carter, Nikki Biggs.

Front Row: Katie Holmes, Amy Smith, Ellie Geller, Rosie Chilton (VC), Hannah McC.



GB Junior Women 2006

2006 European Championships Riga, Latvia

  1. Latvia
  2. Great Britain
  3. Finland U17
  4. Sweden U17

Johanna Szczyglowska, Zoe Prince, Rosie Chilton, Kate Farmer
Grace Rigley (vice-captain), Millie Parker, Megan Sealey, Ellie Handley,Rosie Laurie
Gemma Gale, Philippa Sturt, Katie Holmes, Louise Goldsmith
Trina Bevan (captain), Jodi Berkeley

Coaches were Tom Howard and Mara Alperin


GB Junior Women 2005

2005 European Championships Gothenburg, Sweden

  1. Sweden
  2. Finland
  3. Great Britain (Spirit)

Andriana Georgiou, Rachel Punch, Helen Martin, Nicola Higgins, Stephanie Walker
Zoe Prince, Katrina Bevan, Ally Chuan Xiang, Gemma Taylor
Jenna Halesworth, Rosemary Chilton, Jane (GI) Towey , Sally Cannon, Louise Kittow, Corina Sampson

Coach was Gemma Taylor


GB Junior Women 2004

2004 World Championships Turku, Finland

  1. Canada
  2. USA
  3. Sweden
  4. Japan
  5. Finland
  6. Australia
  7. Great Britain (Spirit)

Sarah Dawson, Elinor Harris, Samantha Davies, Natasha Griffin-Beale, Rachel Kelly, Olivia Nixson, Jane "GI" Towey, Sally Cannon (captain), Hannah Parry, Joanna Legg, Julia Noble, Natasha Szczglowska, Susanna Wallis, Elaine Macrae, Louise Kittow

(Back row) Hannah, Rachel, Lou, Sam, Julia
(Middle row) Natasha, Elaine, Sally, Jo, Sarah, Jane
(Front row) Natasha, Liv, Cath, Ellie, Susanna

Coach was Catherine Moore


GB Junior Women 2003

2003 European Junior Women Championships Tallinn, Estonia

  1. Sweden
  2. Finland
  3. Latvia
  4. Great Britain (Spirit)
  5. Russia / Estonia International

(Back row) Chloe Parker, Phillipa Green, Ange Wilkinson, Fiona Anderson, Louise Kittow, Hannah Parry, Sarah Dawson
(Middle row) Gemma Taylor (overage), Emily Arnold, Cath Moore (coach), Liz Gorham, Lucy Taylor
(Front row) Rebecca Turnbull (overage), Alison Traynor, Claire Avenell (overage), Emily Kingston (overage)

Coach was Catherine Moore