London Winter League 3 - Open & Women

Event date: 
16 Jan 2011
Event details: 

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Accomodation and transport: 

This venue is very easy to reach by public transport:

  • Get a train or tube to Putney station (NOT East Putney!!!!) and then exit.

  • Directly outside, is a bus stop where the 85 heads straight to the fields.

  • Get on the 85 and it will head out of Putney and onto the back roads alongside the A3.

  • Stay with the bus until it reaches a T junction with the A3.

  • It will turn right here and then you need to wait until the bus has passed Asda and Texaco on the left and get off by the Roehampton Campus stop.

  • The fields are there on your left.

You can get to Putney quickly from Clapham Junction, Vauxhall, Waterloo and also on the District line.

You should be able to reach the grounds easily from places like Kingston (e.g. using the #85 in the opposite direction) and Wimbledon but please check


You can only get to the fields from the southbound A3.
The turning into the grounds is at the bottom of the hill after Roehampton, just after a large ASDA superstore (on the left) and basically opposite the Robin Hood Gate entrance to Richmond Park. 

If you are coming from outside London the simplest route is to use Jn 10 of the M25 which puts you on the A3. Arguably it might be quicker to cross London if coming from the North or West depending on the time of day.

If coming North up the A3 towards London, you will NOT be able to access the fields unless you turn around and head back down the southbound side of the road. To do this, follow the A3 towards London and at the Robin Hood roundabout (A308 to Kingston on your left) head straight on and then take the next left turn, signposted to Putney Vale Cemetary. This will take you under the road and allow you to join the A3 heading south on the other side. Rejoin the A3, stay in the left hand lane and then take the left turn which will be sign-posted Richardson Evans.

If you miss the turning, as it's quite possible to do, then don't panic, get in the right hand lane and do another one 180 degree turn at the roundabout and try again!


Richardson Evans Memorial Playing Fields
Roehampton Vale
London SW15 3PQ
United Kingdom
Please bring: 

items that will make your participation more comfortable: London Winter League can be, and often is, cold and/or wet; there's very little shelter pitchside; and there are no food or drink facilities onsite.

Suggested items include, but are not limited to:

  • snacks;

  • water bottles (there are taps on site);

  • flasks containing hot drinks;

  • undershirts, leggings, hats, etc. to keep you warm whilst playing;

  • hats, gloves, coats, overtrousers, etc. to keep you warm between/after games;

  • a towel & warm dry clothes to change into at the end of the day;

  • a waterproof bag to keep the above items dry
    (bin liners work well, and can be used to dispose of any rubbish at the end of the day!)

A weather forecast for the day can be accessed via Metcheck.

There are toilets on site, and we may have use of changing rooms with showers.

There is an ASDA approx 15min walk from the fields, open 11:00 - 17:00, with a Cash Machine and a Cafe - see the ASDA website for more details.

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