2000 Tour

Tour 1 - Cambridge, 3/4 June 2000

1. Wage
2. Chevron A F
4. Blue Arse Flies
5. Drop Dead Gorgeous
6. Mild Mannered Janitors
7. Calimocho
8. Strange Blue

9. Mud Culture (plate)
10. Red
11. Flatball project
12. Angels
13. More Mild Mannered Janitors
14. The Cambridge Two


Tour 2 - HONG KONG 7'S - Boston Spa, 17/18 June 2000

1 Wage  

2 Chevron Action Flash
3 Kupa
4 Blue Arse Flies 
 5 Strange Blue 
 6 Drop Dead Gorgeous
 7 Mild Mannered Janitors
 8 Superfly - Spirit Winners
 9 Mud Culture - Plate Winners
10 Pookas
11 Ro-sham-bo & belles
12 Jesters
13 Hulltimate
14 Bradford Export 
15 Sneeekys
16 More Mild Mannered Janitors


The second tournament of the 2000 Mixed Series took place at Boston Spa, near Leeds. The weather was a bit too hot for some of us northerners, but there was a breeze to cool us down and make the games even more interesting.

The teams that dominated the first event in Cambridge - Wage, Kupa and Chevron Action Flash - were once again the teams to beat at the Hong Kong Sevens. All of them had an easy progression to the semi finals and Wage won their's convincingly against Blue Arse Flies. The other semi was a much closer game, with Chevron Action Flash needing at least one great grab and a little bit of luck to beat the Kiwis in sudden death. 

Further down the placings, Strange Blue were the in-form team. They improved on their seventh place at their own tournament by beating both MMJ and Drop Dead Gorgeous to come fifth. Earlier, DDG had nearly made the semis, but lost in sudden death to BAF.

Chevron and Wage started the final by trading the first four points and thus promising a close match for the crowd to enjoy. However, Chevron were unable to maintain the trend as a succession of poor throw aways combined with tight defence from Wage put them 8-2 down at half. More of the same took place after half with Chevron continuing to make mistakes and Wage extending their lead to 12-2. With Wage taking more risks than before, Chevron managed to put together a healthy run of points, bringing them back to 13-9. However, Wage took the next point to lead 14-9 in a game to 15 and this was too much for Chevron to pull back as their comeback faultered. Wage were then able to close out a well deserved victory.

Tour 3 - Nottingham, 26/27 August 2000

1 Chevron Action Flash
3 Blue Arse Flies
4 Drop Dead Gorgeous
5 Mud Culture
6 Jet Set
7 Strange Blue
8 Mild Mannered Janitors
9 Calimocho (Plate)
10 Red
11 Aurora Borialis
12 OUF
13 SuperFly
14 Mohawk Mwncii Magic
15 Sneeekys (Spoon)
16 Pick Up

Spirit of the Game - Sneeekys

MVPs for final - Wayne and Laura