GB U23 2013

Are you under 23 and interested in representing GB at the World Championships in 2013?

World Ultimate Under 23 Championships will be held in Toronto, Canada in July 2013.  GB will be sending Mixed, Womens and Open teams. 

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Age limit?

You must be between 17 and 23 that year (ie turning 23 or younger in 2013). 

The top athletes will be selected in summer 2012 and will be required to train throughout 2012/13.  This includes individual physical & skill training programs as well as travelling to attend regular team trainings. 

GB players are all self-funded, so you will need to pay for everything yourself (including travel, kit, training, accommodation and tournament costs etc).  As the tournament is in Canada these costs will be significant.

Selecting Teams?
Invite only trials will be held late summer / early autumn 2012. A number talent spotters have been recruited across the country.  Their job is to ensure that the best players are invited to trials. They will be doing this by attending tournaments and speaking to team/club/Uni leaderships amongst other things.   

Are you interested?
Trials will be invite-only, but if you are interested in being "spotted" please send an email to with the following information:
  Name (inc nick name),
  Where you live (include summer/out of term time location if different),
  Very short summary of Ultimate experience (how long you have played and with which clubs is enough) 

Have a question?
Please send an email to and we'll do our best to answer or put you in touch with one of our spotters.

Please pass this on to your team lists and any individuals you think might be interested.  Make sure the best players in your club get this information!



Barry O'Kane

GB U23 Open


The following athletes have been included in the squad for the next stage of training in the build up to 2013:


Alex Brooks

Andy Mitchell

Ashley Yeo

Ben Powlay

Callum Smith

Calum Easton

Dom Dathan

Douglas Olley

Edward Bietzk

Edward Foster

Hamish rankine

Harry Glasspool

Harry Slinger-Thompson

Jake Aspin

James Mead

James Wolverson 

Jocelyn Trottet

Joe Moriarty

Joe Wynder

Joseph Thompson 

Josh Kyme

Liam Reddy

Mark Simpson

Michael Speer 

Nathan Trickey 

Pete Gore

Philip Garner

Robbie Haines

Ryan Tarascas

Sam Bowen

Sam Jones

Sam Poulson

Sam Vile

Thomas Cartwright 

Tom Martin-Hall 

Will Caldwell

GB U23 Womens

The following athletes have been included in the squad for the next stage of training in the build up to 2013:


Alex Semproni

Anna Trebble  (Trebs)

Annie Plasom-Scott

Caitlin Wilson

Carissa Tong

Carla Link

Charlie Blair

Grace Owen

Hannah Newton

Hannah Randles

Hannah Robertson (Robbo)

Hannah Webb (Webby)

Hayley Nicklin

Jennifer Link (Jen)

Jessica Bonham

Kim Owen

Pamela Knudsen

Rachel Dean

Rachel McCulloch

Ronja Woestheinrich

Sarah Ruby Rennison-Ruby

Vicki Harman (Vixen/Sharkey),

GB U23 Mixed


The following athletes have been invited to the next stage of trials in the build up to 2013:



Ava Grossman

Charis Lestrange

Eleanor Harwood (Ellie)

Eleanor Nicholson

Elly White

Emma-Jane Edge

Hannah 'Hani' Pendlebury

Hannah Brew

Harriet James

Helen Wanstall (Welen)

Jessica Wong

Jody Martin

Katherine Haswell (Kat)

Katherine Smith (Kat)

Kelly Martin

Lola Denham

Rebecca Devine

Renny Norman

Sarah Harrison

Sophie Wharton

Steph Hodgson

Stephanie Smith

Zoey Zozo




Alex Shackleton (Shack)

Alex Walsh (Walshy)

Andrew Baxter

Andy Moss

Ben Corby

Ben Smith-Richards

Benjamin Bruin

Cameron Burgess

Ciaran Delaney

Dan Sumner 

Declan Iles

Duncan McGill

Ed Hamilton

George Hudson

Howard Storey

James Bauld

James McRedmond

John "Maddox"

Jonathan  Saunders

Jonathan "JJ" Foan

Jonathan Ferry 

Lawrence Hill

Liam Chai

Luke Chambers

Matthew 'Coddy' Codd

Nick Moss

Ollie Gaskell

Peter Garnett

Steve Bryant

Thomas Ward

Tom Kingdom

Tom Lees

Tom Tongue